PERsonal Chef in toronto

Hire a Personal Chef to cook for you at home.

How it works

Our Personal chefs buy the freshest ingredients.

They cook in your kitchen and serve the meal.

The Chef cleans up after and leave discreetly.


Let Our Talented Chefs Make your Evenings Delightful .

All celebrations remain incomplete without a great meal. But when you are the host, you remain divided between hassling with cooking preparation and attending your guests. Well, not anymore, hire a personal chef from MiumMium and experience an extraordinary food journey.

Our expert private chefs are helpful and extremely talented. Communicate with them directly on to express your wishes. Let them customize a menu according to your preference and dietary restrictions. 

Your event can be of any nature, a brunch with friends or a bachelorette party, let one of our personal chefs make the food the star of the occasion. When it comes to serving the finest food, no one does it better than a professional chef.  Each meal will surpass the standards of fine dining while every serving will be a plate full of flavorful surprises.

Get ready to enjoy the company of a chef in your home. He will prepare delicious food with expert techniques and skills. From cooking to cleaning, each task will be done with professionalism and expertise.


Welcome Toronto’s Finest Personal Chef Services 

Toronto is a place of many cultures, let our chef help you discover their flavours.  MiumMium brings Toronto’s diverse food scenes right in the comfort of your home.  

We thrive on cooking international cuisines for all sorts of food lovers and health enthusiasts. Our trained staff is equipped to perform all duties at each step of your special event for less than a fancy dinner at the restaurant.


Personalized Menu to meet Your Expectations

Everyone is different when it come to taste. This is why we do our best to prepare our meals according to your guest’s wishes. We tailor a unique menu, including any specific dietary restrictions. Our services includes: 


Once you approve the chef's custom menu, he goes  grocery shopping to make sure all the ingredient are there at the time of preparation. Each one of our private chef picks fresh ingredients with care to ensure the highest quality.


Most of our chefs are trained from international schools and have the expertise to cook a meal as it should be. Our highly qualified team will amaze you when it comes to cooking the most delicate cuisines from around the world. Hire your private chef, and he will make you travel the world through each bite rich with flavor and authentic taste


Cooking is not the only art we know. Toronto’s finest chefs have something beyond cooking to offer your guest. We know how to serve you the best. Enjoy the hospitality of our expertly trained staff, which will impress you with their serving protocols and table decoration skills.

Cleaning up

We ensure that our clients have no kitchen responsibility on the day of our service. That is why our personal chefs leave your kitchen clean and your table spotless. You will enjoy your event and relax afterwards completely. Sit back and relax, we will leave your kitchen and table spotless and cleaner than it was before.


The Personal Chef Experience: Cheaper than your think.

Did you know that having a professional chef cook for you at home was cheaper than going out to a fancy restaurant? And this is without considering the cost of wine , parking and a babysitter...

Hire a Personal Chef today !

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