private Chef in San Diego

Hire a Personal Chef to cook for you at home.

How it works

Our Personal chefs buy the freshest ingredients.

They cook in your kitchen and serve the meal.

The Chef cleans up after and leave discreetly.


It’s comfortable and it’s all things food.

Too tired to prepare food yourself? Want to have a second glass of wine? We’ve got your back. We bring you food service that you can enjoy in your own cozy space, wearing whatever you like and indulging as much as you want.

Our team of culinary professionals brings you the extravagance, class, and excellent service with uncompromised standards and light on pocket experience. With our impeccable services we help you glorify your hospitality with eccentric food and over the top table presentation.

Indulge in a food journey with our personal chef service, a culinary professional who brings deliciously cooked meals at your table with class and finesse. Relish in marvellous table services that are sure to delight your guests at the first glance.


Explore diverse cuisines with San Diego’s most celebrated chefs.

Call your friends over for a beer tasting evening or set a beautiful dinner party to surprise your spouse. Plan the perfect meal, share the plan with our food experts, and let us take care of everything, because pleasing you is what we do.

Our delicious dishes served up by our chefs will delight your guests. The art exhibited by our culinary professionals will have you fall in love with our services. Enjoy the extravagance of fine dining with years of experience at hand, our personal chefs are proficient enough to surpass your food expectations by serving you with meals that you simply can’t resist

Hassle-free dining in your own home

No more rushing around at dinnertime to throw together a meal, order take-out or run out to a restaurant. Dinner is waiting right in your home – convenient and delicious. 

 Our exquisite services include a step by step process:

·      Shopping for the ingredients

Hire a personal chef you like from our dedicated team and leave the rest to us. To prepare gourmet dishes for you, our chefs will do all the grocery shopping while assuring quality of each ingredient they pick. On the day of your cooking, our chef will start by hand-picking the finest produce and will move on to purchasing high quality meats, poultry and fish from the best grocery market in town. 

·      Personalized menus

We respect the fact that every individual is different and hence has a different taste in food too. We take pride in fulfilling all your specific needs and requirements. We cater to particular taste palate of all our clients, including those who have some dietary restrictions.

Before designing the menu, our chef will sit with you and ensure that the menu is approved by you before they move on to cooking.

·      Serving you up like a celebrity

We exhibit services where the art of food, wine and culture of the table intersect – all topped off with an impeccable meal. We know that the art of serving makes the food more appealing and so our top chefs make extra efforts to present the dishes they prepare in the most tempting manner. Our hospitality, mannerism and the ultimate charm of culinary services will make you come to us every time you throw a dinner party.

·      Mess-free services

Have a stress-free post-party, relax and chit chat with your family and friends. We assure you have never seen private chef services such as ours in the whole wide San Diego because we offer complete clean-up after you’ve had the most amazing dining experience created by our culinary professionals.

Choose your chef and enjoy San Diego’s finest culinary treats

Set on a wonderful and unique journey of food discovery where every plate is finger-licking good, our services give you the freedom to choose from our list of expert chefs. You can find their details, work background easily, and then make your decision.

All our culinary professionals are familiar with multiple cuisines and cooking techniques to serve you up a meal you’ve never experienced before. With affordable chef costs, enchant your guests with incomparable table service and cooking abilities.

Find your personal chef in San Diego

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