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Discover the Private Chef experience in the comfort of your home.

How it works

Our Personal chefs buy the freshest ingredients.

They cook in your kitchen and serve the meal.

They clean up after and leave discreetly.


Enjoy your own culinary expert with your friends or family.

Miami is known for a vibrant restaurant scene, with exciting culinary options like Zuma, Il Gabbiano and Truluck's Restaurant. We want you to bring that scene in your comfort zone, for an intimate and tailored experience, where all the efforts are entirely devoted to you and your loved ones.

Miami’s culturally diverse taste is infused in both high-end restaurants on South Beach and expensive cafeterias and counters around the city. Miami’s delectable multicultural dishes makes it a different food loving city. When in Miami, you can enjoy Vaca frita, Ropa vieja, Toston burger, Aji de gallina and many more appetizing dishes that will take your heart away.

Miami Beach’s restaurants are the ideal place for some heavenly Southern comfort food and hospitality. Their signature dish is chicken and waffles served with creamy honey hot sauce, perfect for brunch. Moreover, save room for some of the small plates, like the mac and cheese, biscuits, grits and the fried green tomato BLT. It is a fine place to go with your friends, share food and party hard.


Our Chef Services.

Don’t have enough time to go out and want Miami’s top restaurant experience? Experience the magic of good food prepared by our Culinary Professionals.

Our professionals know your taste, they are familiar with the most exotic food culture and the specialties of Miami. No more wasting time and money in overly expensive restaurants, because we bring you the luxurious experience of the top-notch restaurants right into your home. Everything will be taken care of and we will ensure the seamless private chef services.

Our expert are able to cook an amazingly enticing food, driven by the global influences and flavors to add a different hint of their own, that you will absolutely love. No matter if you’re a pure vegetarian or a meat lover, we will cook according to your dietary restrictions, so that you enjoy to the fullest. 

Our chefs are known for their outstanding culinary expertise that sets them apart. Italian, Mexican, Chinese, Mediterranean, you name it! They will serve you the food that you will remember for life.

Enjoy a five-star dining experience right in your comfort zone.

When it comes to serving the finest food, we don’t compromise over anything. Our chefs will cook each meal tailored especially for you and your guests. Open your doors to a divine service  in your home. We strive to surpass your expectations with our high level of service, attention to details and the passion to prepare delicious cuisines for you.

It can be any event that you want to make memorable, a family-reunion table spread dinner, a get together with old friends, or a bachelorette party; our private chefs can charm your guests with their culinary expertise and make your evening memorable. 

Get ready to enjoy the company of culinary professionals in Miami, who will cook tempting and enticing cuisine in your kitchen. Relish the exceptional table service, so that you can enjoy it to the fullest in your home. Our luxurious and exceptional services will turn your home into a fancy restaurant.


Exceptional service is what we promise...
and that is exactly what we deliver.

We don’t just cook delicious meals, we make your day special. Our culinary artists will take care of everything at each step for your special event. You will have no responsibility of any kind. From the first purchase of ingredients to the last clean up swipe of the table, we do it all for you. 

How do we do it?

We take pride in providing services that are a reflection of your taste and choice so that your guests leave delighted with your hospitality. We customize each dish according to your food preference, theme and budget. Before adding any dish in the list, we consider every dietary restriction given by you. Therefore, every item on the menu enhances taste, class and adequate hospitality for your guests.

Once the menu is decided and approved by you, we do all the grocery shopping selecting each ingredient as per the highest quality standard. Vegetables and meat will be fresh and organic while to make your dish tempting.

Our world-renowned chefs will not disappoint you when it comes to cooking the most delicious cuisines from around the world. Be it French, Italian, Asian Food, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, our veteran cooks know it all. You name it, and we cook it. We know it’s not just enough to cook good food. That is why, we offer something beyond just cooking. We create a luxurious environment for you; our expertly trained staff knows how to please.

You are guaranteed to enjoy great hospitality, mannerism and the ultimate charm of culinary services as we will serve at your table.  By hiring our well-trained chefs, you become free of any stress to clean up after the event. You will have the liberty to enjoy your event and relax completely. We will leave your kitchen and table spotless and clean.

Simple Food and Wine Pairing


Choose Your Ideal Chef in Miami from a list of more than 70.

With over 70 skilled and qualified members in Miami, we offer you the liberty to choose the one you like. You can discover the experience and reviews on their profile page. All our expert are proficient and master of cooking techniques and smart cooking skills.

They outshine in everything from seafood to baked delicacies. Along with having the capability for choosing the finest ingredients, these private chefs have an eye for tabletop arrangements, and full control over kitchen management.

We strive to provide extraordinary services.

Communicate your instructions directly to our chefs so that they can cater all of your needs without a chance of error. Our chefs are well-versed in the culinary world; assuring to meet all your demands and satisfy your food cravings.

Let us do the cooking for you! 


What are you waiting for? Book an unparalleled experience. Our cost is very reasonable and easy on your pocket, so anyone can easily avail our services; unlike some fancy expensive restaurants. 

Not convince you should hire a Private Chef? 

Discover 10 reasons to hire a Personal Chef Next Weekend.

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