Private Chef Jessica Toronto, ON, Canada

An insatiable appetite for delicious, local food, and an unquenchable thirst for delivering unforgettable experiences!

Personal Chef # 28808

Cooking style
I have been all over Eastern Europe, the Caribbean, the Mediterranean and beyond, to bring my clients the best of what I have found on my culinary travels. I have sought out the best tasting foods while traveling around the world, and am equipped and excited to share it with, and inspire my clients.
Looking to host an event or enjoy a delicious meal at home without all the work and stress? With our full, expert service, we do everything for you! It’s our goal to exceed your expectations and provide memorable experiences for you and your guests.
Asian, Eastern Europe, French, Italian, Middle Eastern, Vegetarian
Foodie Jessica
HomeAway HomeAway® | Partner
A little Taste of Italy

A little Taste of Italy

$ 90.85 /guest    4 and more
What would you like?

What would you like?

$ To discuss    4 and more
A very special anniversary dinner
Jessica made our 18th Anniversary dinner that much more special. She is very personable and has a flair for Italian cooking, making the pasta and focaccia from scratch. Thanks, Jessica!
Excellent food and outstanding service
Jessica provided a spectacular menu for our 25th Wedding Anniversary. She was full of ideas before we finalized the menu, arrived with superb quality local ingredients, was extremely friendly and informative, accommodated our needs eg no nuts, left the house spotless. Gave us a unique and wonderful experience. I have been to various Michelin star restaurants around the world and even with that in mind, we wold definitely look to book her again and would highly recommend her. 5*
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