How much does a Personal Chef cost in 2019 ?

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You want to hire a Personal Chef?  It will cost you in average 
$ USD 49.84p.p., plus tip.

How do we know ?

We launched on Dec. 12, 2015. Since day one, we have served thousands of meals across the world, from San Francisco to Milan, Montreal to Cape Town. Our policy is clear, the price of all the chefs needs to be fully transparent. All the quotes given by the MiumMium Chefs must include everything: Chef time, transportation, shopping, food costs, preparation, cooking, servicing, cleaning and taxes when applicable. Only the tip remains discretionary and is never requested by the chef. To get to $49.84, we calculated the price of all the reservations made on the site and divided the sum by the number of clients we have served. The cheapest meals were in priced between $20 and $30 p.p. and consisted of brunches (around 5% of our business) and light lunch. The most expensive were 7-course meals consumed in the largest US and European cities. During those meals, the chefs served an average of 8.5 guests for a total bill of $423.64. Therefore, we conclude that the price of a personal chef is similar to or lower than the price of a three-course meal in a good restaurant. Remember, this doesn’t take into consideration the savings realized on wine, parking, etc.

Personal Chef cost

Why do you have the impression that hiring a Personal Chef is really expensive?

Because we confound Personal Chefs and Caterers. A Personal Chef is a cook/chef who works in a restaurant and will offer its services during free time to generate additional income and meet new people. A Caterer is someone who owns a catering business. Like everyone running a business, they face fixed costs such as rent and payroll. For the same reasons a hotel room is usually more expensive than renting an Airbnb, a caterer services will be pricier than a chef. Historically caterers were servicing large events, such as weddings or corporate functions. With the rise of the demand for Personal Chefs, the catering industry saw an opportunity to increase its revenues by entering the market. However, they continue to carry the same heavy cost structure; which explains the price difference between the two. A search of the most popular Catering companies operating in Montreal (MiumMium's largest market with 169 chefs servicing the city) shows the following price structure:

Price difference between a MiumMium Chef and a Caterer

    $ 460   

MiumMium's Chef

Price p.p.: 50.00 $ x 8

Cost for the Chef: included

Transportation: included

Taxes: included

Tip: 15%

    $ 838   


Price p.p.: 48 $ x 8

Cost for the Chef: 200 $

Transportation: 50 $

Taxes: 10%

Tip: 15%

We see that in general, Caterers prices are 50% more expensive than hiring a Personal Chef.  The good news is that we can expect the spread between both providers to shrink as time passes and the Catering industry adapts to the growth of the market. Like hotels gradually evolved to the entrance of into their market by dropping their prices and offering  rooms on vacation rental platforms, Caterers are adjusting their prices and have started listing their chefs on marketplaces. Today, it may be difficult to differentiate a Personal Chef website from a catering website. To avoid any surprises, always ask for detailed and complete pricing before entering into an agreement .

in generalCaterers prices are 50% more expensive than a true Personal Chef

MiumMium BBQ Chef cost

What is included in the price of a Personal Chef?

When hiring a Chef to come and cook for an evening at your house or at a rental place, the quote you received should include:

  1. The transportation of the chefs and its staff.

  2. The shopping time and cost of the ingredients.

  3. The “in house” cooking.

  4. Service.

  5. Cleaning.

  6. Be certain to discuss with the chef if plates, utensils and glasses are included. Usually they are not, however, the chef will show up with his knives, pans and cutting board.

  7. Tip should never be included in the price and should be left at the discretion of the client. In average, when pleased with the experience, a tip of 15% shows your appreciation for the Chef work.

be certain to discuss with the chef if plates, utensils and glasses are included

MiumMium diner party

MiumMium's recommandations:

  1. Communicate with more than one chef.

  2. Read independant reviews from past clients when available.

  3. Never give more than a 50% deposit ahead.

  4. Clearly states from the beginning the dietary restrictions and food allergies of your guests. The chef will design its menu around it.

  5. State a directing line for your meal, are you looking for local flavours? A seafood feast or some steaks on the b.b.q? Than, let the chef present you with a menu proposal.

  6. Avoid all surprises by asking what is included in the price quoted.

always ask the details of the price quoted


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