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Private Chef Jacob Hamilton, ON, Canada

Personable personal chef

Personal Chef # 25036

Cooking style
The ideal cooking style to clientele, sourcing farm raised ingredients from produce fresh herbs butchered meats sustainable Ingredients in (peak) season based on availability and quality. Providing custom dishes unique to the client innovative and only from scratch on site.
I have over (20) years plus in the culinary industry starting out in fine dining restaurant than culinary school at Niagara college in the graduate class of (2006) holding culinary deploma. Since have worked in prestigious restaurants, hotels, conference centers, institutions and personal chef for (10) years. I have gained basic knowledge from culinary school and received real world experience from prestigious talented well driven chefs. I bring forward a wealth of knowledge and skill to your dining table.
French, Health, Indian, Italian, Mediterranean, Mexican, Soul/Southern, Thai, Vegan, Vegetarian
Chef Jacob
What would you like?

What would you like?

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Cancelled when he was set to arrive!
Where do I begin...from the moment I hired his services, communication was an issue, waiting days for a response, setting times to discuss details and Jacob never followed through. When I reserved his services, I had originally booked for 6 guests. I immediately sent him a message on the app as I had made an error and the booking was meant to be for 5 not 6 guests. Jacob assured me this was not a concern and service would be for 5. I had also asked if he was able to provide a wine pairing list for each course, he happily agreed and went as far as to ask me to provide him the location of the LCBO I will be shopping at so that he can check their stock. This conversation was the Monday before my Saturday event. On Wednesday I asked Jacob if he had created the list, he stated he had not but would send it Thursday. On Thursday I get a text, asked if he can send me the list at 6pm on Friday (shocker...this is how the entire communication has been from the beginning). I explained that this
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