PERSONAL Chef in Los Angeles : Choose from the best!

Hire a Private Chef to cook for you at home.

How it works

Our Personal chefs buy the freshest ingredients.

They cook in your kitchen and serve the meal.

The Chef cleans up after and leave discreetly.

Steak in Las vegas

Enjoy amazing dinner parties and fine dining .

Anything from summertime barbeques to elegant seven-course meals fit for the world’s finest restaurants, our personal chefs in Los Angeles can cater for you. Savor the best culinary creations in the comfort of your own home.

Whether you’re looking for a birthday celebration dinner with exceptional table service, or a casual cocktail party with a group of friends, be sure to make our culinary professionals a part of your evening.

Seafood in Las vegas

Taste the cooking of the best personal chefs in L.A.

What better place to entertain your friends and family other than inviting them over for an exquisite dinner prepared by a great Private Chef in your home. Have a holiday brunch or a fun bachelorette party prepared with the amazing and fresh produce available around L.A. 

We have the finest chefs from around the world, all you have to do is pick one. MiumMium offers the service of close to 150 chefs in Los Angeles, all available to answer any questions you may have in a few clicks.  

Fretting about the cost of a private chef for a dinner party? Not anymore, it is much cheaper than you think. In fact, the service of a personal chef is usually 30% less than a caterer. Uplift your dining experience with an in-home meal prepared by a private chef and pay less than the cost of a fancy restaurant meal. 

Our amazing chefs will not only cook the meal in your kitchen and provide table service for you and your guests, they will make sure that they leave your place spot-less so that you can really relax the whole day. (Psst, why don’t you ask for a cooking class for the group, this will be the best way to entertain everyone…)


What exactly does a personal chef do? 

Hiring a personal chef is like hiring a professional cook and a kitchen manager. Our personal chef will handle menu planning and develop custom recipes to meet your taste and dietary restrictions. He will make sure to deliver what you are expecting in taste, services and cleaning. 

MiumMium Chef Services, delivers:

- Fresh Ingredients’ Shopping

Your chef begins working for you many hours before he arrives at your home. From handpicking the finest produce, to purchasing high quality meats, poultry and fresh fish, they gather all of the ingredients needed for your feast. Not only this free time for you, but you are assured that your family is having a meal that is cooked with carefully selected, quality fresh food.

- Meal Preparation and Cooking 

Our professional cook will show up at your place a few hours before the event. He will set his working space and prepare the meal in from of you. There is no better time to ask questions and discover new cooking techniques… When your home is filled with the aroma of the meal to come, he will set the table and serve everyone. Be sure to specify if you desire a formal evening, a family style setting or a cocktail party, our chef will adapt to whatever you ask. Then, enjoy a perfect meal prepared by a skilled gourmet.

- 5 Stars Table Service 

Only cooking good food is just not enough. Until the food looks tempting to your eyes, no one wants to go near it. This is why; we offer something beyond just cooking. Our chefs create a luxurious environment for you; splendidly set table, laden with scrumptious food. Be sure to specify if you desire a formal evening, a family style setting or a cocktail party, our chef will adapt to whatever you ask. Then, enjoy a perfect meal prepared by a skilled gourmet.

- A Clean Kitchen

Wondering who will clean up the mess after all is done and enjoyed. Free yourself from any stress of cleaning up, our team knows exactly what a headache it would be. Therefore, the chef will leave your kitchen spot-less, just as he found it. Relax, we take care of everything.


10 reason to hire a Personal Chef

Incredible Culinary Artists at Your Disposal. 

Passionately transforming ingredients into exquisite meals and remarkable flavors, we are believers of celebrating food. We see dinner party at a means of sharing laughter with each other. Our personal chef business is for food lovers and foodies.

In addition, our professionals are particularly adept at accommodating your daily schedule and your travel itinerary. 

Option: Cooking Class

If you wonder how to entertain your guests during the evening, why don’t you ask your chef if he could offer a cooking lesson. Nothing is more fun than having a glass of wine with friends and learning new culinary techniques. Would you like to master the art of Sushi? Or how to make home-made pasta? Along with a delectable meal, a cooking class will be the high point of your evening.


Reserve your private chef for the best dinner parties ever. 

We make it easy for anybody to hire one of our personal chefs for any occasion. Enjoy, custom-tailored dishes according to your taste in the comfort of your own home. 

Imagine tasting gourmet cuisine from around the world prepared by an expert chef. Amazing, isn’t it? Relax and let MiumMium take care of it all.

Choose your Personal Chef in Los Angeles

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