Personal Chef Seattle | Voted Best Culinary experience!


Hire a Private Chef to Cook for you in the comfort of your home in Seattle.

How it works

Our Personal chefs buy the freshest ingredients.

They cook in your kitchen and serve the meal.

The Chef cleans up after and leave discreetly.

Personal Chef David in Seattle

A Delicious Meal Opens the Doors to Happiness

We offer you the luxury of personal chefs to make your family meals a celebration. Explore the joys of fine dining right in your home and relax as our chefs serve you gourmet meals. Let us know your food preferences and what it is that you're craving and we will take care of everything. From grocery shopping to cooking, serving and cleaning, we do it all.

Fresh Oysters in Seattle

A Restaurant Like Experience Right at Your Dining Table

An incredible food journey awaits you as our private chefs are prepared to fulfill your food cravings. No need to go to expensive restaurants to experience great food and quality service. At the most affordable chef cost, we provide you the ultimate culinary experience.

Our chefs will prepare your personalized menus according to your taste and guidelines. Our team will help you find the perfect personal chef for your event and he will fulfill all your needs. 

Whether it be a dinner party, cooking classes or a vacation brunch with your family members, our private chefs will give their all to make your event a memorable one.


Our Professional Chefs Will Make your Evening A Success


We offer you the Finest Private Chef Service in Seattle. Seattle is known for its dynamic and creative food traditions. With years of experience at hand, our personal chefs in Seattle are trained to cater to any type of event and to exceed your expectations. They are well versed in ethnic cuisines and will prepare your meals with passion and dedication.

With over 60 private chefs in Seattle, you have many different options to choose from. You can communicate your wishes directly to your personal chef and discuss any details or proposed changes that you wish to apply to the menu.

Homemade Truffles Seattle

An Extraordinary Private Chef Experience Customized by You

Witness our culinary professionals working their magic and preparing delicious food for your special events. Choose the place and fix a date, our team will arrange everything else to make sure that the evening is memorable both in terms of food and service. Enjoy a perfect evening by acquiring our private chef services.

Whether you're craving French, Korean, Indian, Lebanese or American cuisine, we have many chefs in Seattle and we will help you find the right Chef for your event. We're happy to prepare meals in a way that best suits you.

From grocery shopping to cooking, serving and cleaning, leave everything in the hands of our chefs. Enjoy your Personal Chef in Seattle Experience with Miummium!


Choose Your Personal Chef In Seattle

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