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Hire a Private Chef to cook in the comfort of your home.


How it works

Our Personal chefs buy the freshest ingredients.

They cook in your kitchen and serve the meal.

The Chef cleans up after and leave discreetly.

Mexican Pozole in San Antonio Texas

What is Miummium? 

At Miummium we connect you with personal Chefs all over the world so that you can have an authentic and unique culinary experience. Whether you’re at home or on vacation, we offer you our personal chef services in San Antonio Tx and in over 20 000 cities. 

Our personal chefs create special dishes just for you based on your preferences. They will cook the food right in your kitchen with fresh and local ingredients. Interact with your Chef if you're a true foodie and get the most out of your experience. Explore the charm of fine dining right in the comfort of your own home and relax as your Chef prepares you delicious meals.

Our chefs cook food with passion and love and take care of selecting the ingredients and seasonal products available at the market so that you can forget all about grocery shopping. Our food gurus cook delicious meals for you so that as soon as they touch your taste buds, the food fills you up with delight and pleasure. We are committed to providing you with the best experience.

Our clients are our priority so we make sure to make your event a special one. Our personal chefs will make you feel like you are sitting in some top-notch restaurant right with your family and friends while you share some laughs and feast on mouth-watering food.


How Does Miummium Work? 

The first thing you have to do is simply register as a client on our platform. This will allow you to contact different chefs in order to discuss your menu options, budget and the details of your special event. Once you’ve picked your private chef for your occasion, you will book the Chefs services. The reservation fee represents less than 15% of the total amount of your booking. 

Once your reservation is confirmed, your chef will take care of everything. Here is how we create value for you:

Grocery Shopping 

Your private chef will take the time to go pick out fresh ingredients and spices for your event so you can forget about rushing to the store. Your Chef starts working for you before he sets foot in your house. 


Your private Chef will take care of preparing the ingredients and cooking tasty gourmet meals so you can have a good time with your guests. If you’re curious and want to learn some tricks and culinary techniques, spend some time in the kitchen with your Chef or book a cooking class with your friends. Whatever it is your craving, you name it and we cook it for you!

Table Service

Your chef will make sure to explain the different dishes of your menu and describe each meal. Whether you want a discreet service or a family-style service, our chefs will make sure to present your plates in the most appetizing way. 


The best part of this culinary experience? You don’t have to clean up after your event. We clean the dishes for you and leave your kitchen spick and span. 

Black Pasta And Scallops San Antonio

How much does it cost?

Our chefs bring you a restaurant-like experience right at home so say bye-bye to unreasonably expensive restaurants. Your Personal Chef will work around your budget. Our prices are transparent and include all applicable costs from food, hourly wage, transportation, service, and taxes. Only tipping is discretionary. 

Miummium Chefs are familiar with the most exotic food cultures or the specialties of San Antonio city and they will cook for you according to your requirements and dietary restrictions.


A Chef Experience Like No Other in San Antonio

Leave your guests wanting for more by inviting them over at your place and making them a part of this unparalleled chef experience.

You can have complete access to the professional details and background of our chefs on their profiles. If you require more information you can get in touch directly with the Chef or contact our team.

All of our expert chefs are well versed in multiple types of cuisines and techniques. Nothing is out of the forte of our professional chefs. You name it, we cook it. If you want cooking lessons, you can have a private class in your own kitchen and learn some amazing new recipes and techniques. Similarly, if you want meal planning, a chef will come to your home and prepare your meals for the week.

When your chef cooks for you, we make sure he provides you with the most delicious meals. Besides preparing scrumptious meals, our chefs take care of service and clean up so that all you have to do is sit back and enjoy that extra glass of wine with your guests.

Chef Dinner Table San Antonio

The Best Chef Services in San Antonio

Our private chef service is the answer to all your event catering needs. Whether you wish to plan a dinner party or a social event, our chefs have what it takes to take care of any type of event - be it big or small.

Stop fretting over how much personal chef costs because we will find the perfect Chef for every budget. Choose from the variety of exquisite dishes our Chefs offer or get your own customized menu. Wait no more and book your Private Chef San Antonio experience with Miummium.

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