15 ideas for a 50th birthday party

15 ideas for a 50th birthday party

When someone is turning the big 5-0 and celebrating a half-century, they deserve a big bday bash! There are plenty of ways to celebrate such an important milestone in life. No matter what kind of event you want to throw, there are certain things that you need to remember before organizing one.

People who reach their fifties tend to look back fondly on the good times they had during their youth. And why shouldn't they?  A 50th birthday party is a great way to celebrate your age, meet new friends, and have fun. Of course, you'll also have to plan a special occasion where the guests can interact. This means you'll need to choose between throwing a large or small gathering. In addition, you'll need to decide whether to hire a personal chef or cook yourself. Finally, you'll need to figure out the budget and how much effort you want to put into preparing it.


What is special about a 50th birthday?

Any birthday is a cause to celebrate but 50 is a special one because it means that you've lived for half a century. Whilst 18 sees you become an adult and 21 introduces you to your party years, by the time 50 has rolled around, you have lived much of your life.

A 50th birthday party is a great way to celebrate someone’s achievement in life. People love to share these kinds of events, and they often make for some fantastic memories. If you are planning a big celebration, choose a theme that reflects who your guest really are. For example, a 50th birthday themed event could include food from the person’s favorite food, music from their favorite band, and decorations from their childhood home.

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50th birthday party ideas your guests will never forget 

A 50th birthday is a milestone celebration that you don't want to forget. After 50 years on this planet, you deserve to be celebrated. Below are some of the best ways to enjoy this special birthday. 

Throw a themed party

A birthday party is a classic and throwing a themed event can make party planning a little bit easier. Think about what your guest of honor likes — sports, movies, music, anything can be a themed party idea — and you’ll see how everything from your party decorations to your party game to your cupcake topper falls into place.

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Hire a personal chef 

If you want to gather all your closest friends together but don't want a guest list of fifty-plus people, a dinner party is a great alternative. All you need to do is invite some close friends over to enjoy good food, music, and conversations together. You don't even have to host it yourself. You can hire a personal chef to handle all the grocery shopping, preparation, cooking and cleaning. This way you'll have time to really enjoy a special moment with your guests and you'll get to eat delicious food. 

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Visit a vineyard

Whether you a wine connoisseur or just love a glass of wine with your favorite dishes, a visit to a vineyard is an excellent 50th birthday party celebration idea. You can go alone with your partner or make it a bigger birthday bash and take some of your friends. Either way, being surrounded by the beauty of a vineyard and drinking delicious wine is the perfect 50th birthday party idea.  California, Oregon, Washington, and New Mexico produce some of the world’s finest wines, but there are many other places where you can enjoy good wine. 

Organize a black-tie event

The idea behind throwing a black-tie party might seem like it’s just another excuse to show off your best clothes, but there are plenty of reasons why you should consider hosting one. It is a great way to celebrate a birthday and really make the birthday honoree feel special. There are many ways to plan a black-tie affair, including hiring a caterer, choosing a restaurant, and planning the menu yourself. 

Plan a gazebo get-together

For a memorable 50th birthday party, consider renting an outdoor gazebo. You can find them in parks, gardens, and fairgrounds. They're perfect for parties because they provide shade, privacy, and a convenient location for serving food and drinks. If your guests are staying outside, you can set up tables and chairs right inside the gazebo. Some people decorate their gazebos for special occasions; others leave them plain and simple. Whatever you choose, make sure you coordinate the color scheme with the theme of your party!

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Check something off your bucket list

There is no better way to celebrate your 50th birthday than ticking something off on your bucket list. This can be anything from visiting a country you've always wanted to see, going skydiving, etc. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience so it needs to be saved for a special occasion, and what occasion is more special than your 50th birthday? This is the perfect happy birthday treat!

Treat yourself to a spa day

Spa days offer plenty of opportunities for relaxation. You can spend the whole time getting a facial, relaxing in a sauna, or listening to music in a quiet space. Either way, you'll find plenty of places to unwind and relax, just what you need after 50 years of living life to the fullest. Why not take your friends along to make it the perfect alternative to a traditional birthday party?

Plan a surprise party

The best way to celebrate someone’s birthday without having to worry about what others think is to make it a surprise party. If you want to keep it a secret, make sure to plan ahead. A couple of weeks before the big day, start planning, buy all your 50th birthday party decorations, invite the birthday boy or birthday girl’s favorite people, get some party finger foods, and there you have it, a surprise 50th birthday bash.

Organize a fundraiser

This 50th birthday party idea involves throwing a fundraising gala for a nonprofit organization. You'll want to choose a cause that you're passionate about. It can be anything from animal welfare to environmental conservation. Don't forget to invite the person hosting the event, too. They might even raise some money for you!

The best part is that you don't have to do much work to throw a successful fundraiser. Simply pick a date, find a venue, and figure out how to raise funds. Once you've got everything set up, focus on making sure everyone knows what they are doing. Invite guests, plan activities, and make sure there's food and drinks. If you want to go all-out, consider hiring a professional caterer to prepare delicious food.

Throw a costume party

If you're hosting a 50th birthday party, why not make it a costume party? People love dressing up and having fun, and there's no shortage of inspiration out there. From classic movie themes to pop culture moments, there are plenty of ideas to put together a birthday bash that everyone will remember.

Throw a bar bash 

If you're planning a big birthday bash, taverns, brewpub, microbreweries, distilleries, ciderhouses, and wine bars are all great choices for an event of such magnitude. They usually offer plenty of room to dance, lots of live music, and often arrangements for catering. Even if the person who just turned 50 doesn't drink alcohol, most bars and restaurants have a large variety of mocktails available. There might even be a karaoke at which they can sing their favorite songs from back when they were younger. 

Get tickets to go to a comedy club 

Laughing at someone else's jokes is one of life’s greatest pleasures and when you're celebrating a big occasion, laughter is definitely the best medicine. If you want to go something different, you can buy tickets for a comedy show near where you live!

Fly out to a new country 

What a great opportunity it is to be able to travel around the world! You can visit places such as Hawaii, Peru, or Thailand or go skiing in the French Alps. If you're feeling adventurous, why not try something completely new? Your friends might love to join you on a trip to an exotic location. If you'd rather stay closer to home, then you can plan a vacation or a weekend getaway with your family or close friends. Either way, make sure to enjoy yourself!

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Go to your favorite restaurant

Is there a restaurant the birthday boy or birthday girl has always wanted to try? Make reservations early to avoid disappointment. You can also take them to a Michelin restaurant for a truly gastronomic experience. The big 5-O only comes around once in a lifetime, so make sure to order champagne and the best dishes on the menu.

Book a cooking class

A cooking class is a unique 50th birthday idea. It is extremely low maintenance on your part and you get to enjoy your birthday in style with some of your closest friends enjoying delicious food. Hiring a private chef to come to your home and teach you and your friends how to cook some amazing dishes will be something that you will remember for years to come. 

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