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What to do for your wife's 60th birthday?

Surprising a 60-year-old woman for her birthday with a special gift can be challenging. It is easy to fall for typical gifts or something tangentially related to the celebrated loved one. What really matters and that you should never forget when looking for a gift for your wife are her preferences, her interests and her way of being. In this article, we share the best gift ideas for your wife's 60th birthday!


20 Best Gift Ideas for Your Wife's 60th Birthday

The time has come to choose the perfect gift. It is essential to look for something special that can really make her feel that this present was bought with care and attention. Think about it, 60 years is an important milestone! 

In addition to finding the right gift, it is important to celebrate this special day in the best possible way, perhaps by organizing a party or dinner with the family and closest friends of your wife. To help you make the sixty years of the person you love unique, here is a list of original gift ideas.


1. Fragrant candles

Who doesn't like their home to be cozy and smell good? A beautiful set of scented candles with fragrances is a great gift. Not to mention that the packaging is also usually beautiful, with refined lines and bright colors. This is an elegant gift that will surely be well received. 


2. Smartwatch

Who says tech gifts aren't a good idea for a 60-year-old woman? A beautiful smartwatch will surely be appreciated by her as this gadget will monitor her sleep, heart rate and the number of steps taken per day (among other things). 


3. A Trip

Another foolproof idea for a special gift is a trip somewhere. Not just any trip, but one to the place the celebrated person has always wanted to go. The ideal place really depends on your wife’s preferences. It could be a romantic stay in Monte Negro or a week in South America. You can also book a stay in a great hotel with a spa in one of the most interesting cities in Canada.


4. Video Montage

Making your wife remember the most beautiful and fun moments of her life is undoubtedly a great idea that will make her emotional and even shed tears of joy. To create a spectacular video memory, you can buy an electronic frame and create a video on your computer that contains the entire story of her life: from when she was a child to adulthood.


5. Cooking Classes

If your wife is a fan of the cuisine of a certain country, why not teach her how to prepare a dish from that country? Whether she likes Japanese, Italian, Peruvian, or Vietnamese food, the chef you choose will adapt its classes to your request. 60 years is an age in which you can continue to learn interesting and entertaining things, and cooking is a hobby that many people enjoy.

Apart from learning some useful cooking techniques, she will also get to eat her delicious creations. Our cooking classes are one-time events, similar to the personal chef experience but with a learning twist. There’s no limit to what she can learn. Our personal chefs can take her on a tour around the world without having to leave her kitchen.

If she wants to learn how to make traditional Italian pasta, how to prepare Wolfgang Puck’s famous chicken pot pie, how to make homemade sushi-like Jiro Ono, or anything in between, a cooking class is a perfect gift to offer.

Surprise Your Wife With a Cooking Class


6. Ticket to See Her Favorite Artist

An entrance ticket to the concert of her favorite band or musician is sure to make her burst with joy. If the band doesn't have scheduled dates, you can invite her to a romantic jazz night with dinner included.


7. Lessons

Sixty years can be the beginning of a new path, so if you give her a coupon to enroll in a dance class, swimming class, or yoga class, she will find many people her age who are determined to learn. There are lessons on all kinds of subjects: cooking lessons, music, and sports at all levels.


8. Hire a personal chef

Why be the home cook when a professional chef can come and prepare the perfect dinner party? You can book a personal chef online, for all occasions and group sizes. On the MiumMium platform, you will be introduced to skilled chefs who will exceed your expectations without breaking the bank.

If you are thinking of organizing a memorable dinner for your wife's 60th birthday, hiring a private chef to cook a personalized menu with all her favorite dishes is a great idea. MiumMium, the largest personal chef marketplace on the web, allows users to explore menus, research chefs, and book unparalleled at-home culinary experiences. The process is simple: pick a date, choose a menu and invite your friends. There is no shopping, no preparation, no clean-up nor stress!

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9. Handbag

All women love handbags and it is something they use practically every day. All you have to do is find out her favorite brand or know what style she likes. Also, do not hesitate to visit Amazon to find bags from the best designers with super discounted prices.


10. Jewelry

To celebrate the 60th of the special woman in your life, a gorgeous piece of jewelry is a great gift idea. As we have mentioned before, 60 years is a milestone in someone's life so it’s time to go all out. Original designer earrings, a gold bracelet, or a silver necklace are great ideas to consider.


11. Personalized Book

A memory book about your history as a couple is a very romantic present. If you take the time to do it, it will be a unique gift that she will treasure forever. It can be a not very long memory that tells how you met, how your love arose, and how your relationship has developed. A book written by you, accompanied by photographs and texts, can immortalize the best moments, and it will be a personalized birthday gift to cherish.


12. Perfume

If you notice that her favorite perfume bottle is about to run out, anticipate the end and buy her the fragrance she loves. Although it is a simple detail, your wife will notice that you know what she likes and it will be a nice gesture. Not only will she appreciate the gift, but she will receive it at the right time.


13. Spa Day

Everyone loves to relax and release stress so a relaxing day at the spa with a massage or a special treatment is one of the best gifts you can give your wife for her 60th birthday.


14. Hot Air Balloon Ride

Can you imagine sharing an adventure like this? A balloon ride is a spectacular gift for your wife's 60th birthday. There are even companies that offer special packages in which you can enjoy champagne and a snack in the hot air balloon, while you listen to your favorite music.


15. Coffee Maker

If your wife is a coffee lover, giving her a modern capsule coffee maker will do the job. It not only allows you to choose from a wide variety of coffees, but also from other types of drinks such as infusions, hot chocolate, etc. This gift idea for your wife can triumph thanks to its unique design and its great utility.

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16. Reflex Camera

If your wife loves photography, an SLR camera is a great gift idea. She doesn't have to be an expert to capture important moments and work out this great camera. It’s perfect for those just starting in the world of photography.


17. Adopt a Pet

It can be a risky gift, but if you think she will like it, it can make her very happy. If your wife likes animals and you would both like to have one, it might be the right time to adopt a puppy or kitten, which you can take care of together.


18. Premium Chocolate

Chocolates are probably the most universally loved delicacy. The truth is that there is a perfect chocolate for all types of palate, from the sweetest to the most bitter. Some chocolates come with pieces of almonds, walnuts, oranges, rice, and almost anything conceivable.

Since it is an important gift, if your wife is a fan of sweets, we highly recommend that you go to an artisan chocolate shop and ask them to make you a personalized chocolate bar with her name or with an incredible design, accompanied by a bouquet of roses and a handwritten letter.


19. Beauty Kit

Almost all women love to take time to take care of themselves. Putting on masks, painting their nails, moisturizing their skin, doing beauty rituals… There are many ways to do this. A beauty kit with products like moisturizing and exfoliating creams, as well as face masks is a great gift idea.


20. Flowers

You should arrange a bouquet that means something in your relationship. It may be something very cliché or reminiscent of a scene from a romantic movie, but classics are classics because they work well. Whether you want to send her a beautiful red rose or a huge bouquet of sunflowers, flowers are a nice touch that most people like. If you get her flowers, you should consider getting her something else to go with the gift such as a culinary experience.

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