30th birthday ideas for your husband

30th birthday ideas for your husband


His 30th birthday, like every previous birthday, is a once-in-a-lifetime moment. There is, nevertheless, something remarkable about turning 30 as highlighted by such things as Bo Burnham’s Inside and Netflix’s Tik…Tik…Boom. It is the beginning of a new decade that calls for new objectives and that makes you consider what you have done with all your time on Earth.

Do you make it a fun birthday? Do you have a surprise party? What about organizing a surprise trip? There is a lot of pressure when it comes to thinking about birthday party ideas to make it the greatest 30th birthday for your husband. In this article, we share multiple ideas and tips to help you make it the best birthday!


10 Birthday Gifts That Will Make Your Husband's 30th Special

Here are 10 birthday gift ideas that will make your husband’s 30th birthday special:

  1. Cooking class
  2. Sports day out 
  3. Surprise party
  4. Indoor picnic
  5. Cocktail party
  6. Whiskey or wine experience
  7. Tick off the bucket list
  8. Wish box
  9. Romantic getaway
  10. Go international

1. Cooking Class

To ake his birthday celebration extraordinary, why not sign up for a culinary class? It's a fantastic time to learn something new, and develop your husband’s existing skills. This is a great bonding experience for you and your partner as a professional chef guides you through the steps necessary to prepare your favorite dish.

Don’t worry, Gordon Ramsey won’t be there to scream at you! This is a fun and educational gift idea. Plus, you'll also have something to show for it at the end, which you can both enjoy and taste.

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2. Sports day out

Is your hubby a sports fanatic? If that's the case, nothing could be more ideal than planning a 'sports day out' for him! Depending on the number of people accompanying you, you can book an entire set of seats at a game, or simply share a nice ski day.

Equally, watching your husband's favorite sport and cheering on his favorite sports team with a large gathering of friends and family will just add to the specialness of this day for him. After the game, you can all go out to dinner!

3. Surprise Party

A dinner gathering with all of your husband's close friends and family is another great suggestion for a 30th birthday party. You can even incorporate a party theme, perhaps based on characters from his favorite film, with your husband dressed as the main protagonist. You may also make the dress code theme his favorite sports team's colors. These themes and the dress code will liven up the party!

4. Indoor Picnic

This is a fantastic budget-friendly concept! Unplug everything. There will be no phones or television; instead, calming, mood-setting music will be played in the background. This will set the tone for the rest of the night. Add a blanket, some carefully placed photos, candles, and love notes to make it more intimate and delightful. Arrange the fruits, snacks, and wine on the table. Talking to each other is a great way to spend quality time together!

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5. Cocktail Party

Make it feel like a party! Arrange a cocktail party with canapés and everything that he loves. This is more like an extended and improved version of happy hour in the comfort of your own home. Invite your husband's pals to assist you in hiring a bartender to create some great cocktails for you all. Add some delectable appetizers to the mix, such as a variety of canapés or a sushi buffet!

6. Whiskey or Wine Experience

A whiskey or a wine tasting is a perfect birthday idea! Tastings are tailored to a group of people who appreciate these beverages but have varying levels of expertise; ranging from complete novices to wine or whiskey experts or somewhere in between. A lighthearted quiz with whiskey and wine tasting difficulties is an alternative for putting your newfound abilities to the test.

Equally, a personalized whiskey or wine bottle as a 30th birthday present idea for a spouse is a great idea, as wine only gets better with age. Many websites can assist you in making a personalized design or letter for your hubby. 

7. Tick off the bucket list

Is there an adventure he's wanted to do for a long time but hasn't had the opportunity to? If so, this is the ideal opportunity to grant all of his unfulfilled aspirations. Bungee jumping, skydiving, snorkeling, and other adventure sports will not only be entertaining but will also make you and your husband feel like kids again!

8. Wish Box

If your spouse is one of those people who has never really communicated his birthday desires, possibly because he is overburdened with responsibilities, this concept will allow him to revisit those long-forgotten desires. Give him this unique wish box and invite him to fill it with all of his life dreams and desires. Your birthday present to him would be a promise that you will assist him in any way possible in realizing his goals.

9. Romantic Getaway

Take him away from his normal routine... just for a day. Simply organize a day excursion to a location on the outskirts of town. Make a reservation in a resort that is near the natural world. Allow nature's quiet and serenity to soothe his mind. Allow him to spend the entire day in your arms as you go sightseeing, eat nice cuisine, drink wine, and listen to good music.

10. Go International!

There are few sights on the earth more stunning than the ethereal Northern Lights if you want to commemorate your 30th birthday with a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Stay in one of the Glass Igloos in Finnish Lapland, or head to Norway to cozy up in a cabin or igloo and watch the sky pulsating with waves of green, blue, and red light.

If you're looking for something a little more exciting, how about drinking wine in the town of Taormina on the island of Sicily while Mount Etna spews smoke into the night sky? If you want to experience something genuinely unique, travel to Jordan and see the enthralling ancient city of Petra for your own Indiana Jones adventure. Also, if there was ever a cause to take the legendary Orient-Express to Venice, a 30th birthday is the ideal occasion.


Tips to Make Your Husband’s 30th Birthday Memorable

Some tips to make your husband’s 30th birthday memorable are:

  • Hire a chef
  • Homemade coupons
  • Scavenger hunt
  • Letters from loved ones

Hire a Chef

There is nothing that brings people together more than good food. If you hire a personal chef for dinner or culinary lessons, people will appreciate the break from being out and about and the opportunity to just be at home with friends enjoying each other's company. If you like this 30th birthday party idea but want to make it a bit more unique, you can hold a themed party at home for the occasion.

Hiring a personal chef is a simple way to bring amazing meals into your house for a birthday surprise or cocktail party. You may make this experience as intimate or as inclusive as you like, but whether you choose a romantic dinner for the two of you or invite his friends over for a party, you can expect a phenomenal culinary experience.

Furthermore, you can arrange for a private chef to make fresh pastries and a homemade gourmet breakfast. Stay in pajamas, start the day with a few mimosas, and let the chef ring the bell when breakfast is ready.

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Homemade Coupons

When the date of his birthday looms closer, you may be frantically searching Amazon for “30th birthday gift ideas”, but why not try making something homemade to show how much you love him?

You can make your husband feel special with a little imagination. Treat your husband by making gift coupons at home. It will undoubtedly be enjoyable. Make a variety of coupons, such as a 'romantic night for two' or 'massage coupon'. Others may be more practical, such as a lazy day voucher in which you perform all of his duties for him and allow him to relax without having to worry about anything, and so on.

Scavenger Hunt

This one will require some planning, but it can be a lot of fun if done well. Leave clues for your spouse to follow, each leading to a location where he can locate the next. The best approach to end the hunt is to have his final clue be accompanied by an outfit you've chosen and a clue directing him to go to the location where he proposed to you. You can surprise him by waiting for him there.

Letters From Loved Ones

Reaching out to the people closest to your husband, such as his closest friends, parents, coworkers, and children, is another approach to make him feel truly unique. Reading the messages from all of his loved ones will warm his heart and bring a grin to his face. Letters sometimes have the power to share more than you would in a face-to-face conversation. This is a complimentary gift of excellence!

Dinner Party

Booking a private chef on that special day will ensure a well-spent 30th birthday celebration. No dishes or food to prepare… All the guests can sit and discuss in a relaxed fashion, while a professional takes care of the meal. A dinner party can also be complementary to any of the birthday ideas mentioned above. Truth be told, he is with you for a reason and you surely know how to make the man you love happy.

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