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How to plan a birthday party the right way ?

From hunting the perfect venue for the birthday party to inviting the guests, you will be in charge of finalizing all the decisions. If you are planning a birthday party for an adult, don't forget to choose exciting party themes, because adults enjoy celebrating their birthday as much as children. If you are wondering how to plan a birthday party because you don't know whether to blow balloons or decide the theme of the party, follow this guide to plan a successful birthday party.

What are the steps to plan a birthday party? 

Planning a birthday party for your best friend can be stressful and challenging if you don't have a plan in hand. However, if you follow this step-by-step guide to organize a birthday party, you will find the overall process more comfortable and fun!

1. Make the guest list to send invitations

A party would not be fun and frolic without great company, so before rolling out invitations, double check your guest list. To determine who to include in your guest list, first set a budget estimate and then calculate the number of guests covered within that budget. Now start including your gang, their partners; if there is room, you can fit in a few more people, like the colleagues of your friend, their close relatives, etc. If you prefer planning a cozy party, then only include a few selected members.  

Now that you have a list of your invitees, it is time to send them an invitation card to notify them about the event and also to demand their presence on that date. If you are running short of time, you can opt for store-bought birthday invitation cards, and you can even get them customized. However, if you want to give your friend a souvenir on your birthday, don't hesitate to get creative and create DIY invitation cards. Although it can be a bit time-consuming, the process will be fun, and you will be able to print all the cards at half the price.

2. Select the venue

You should consider a few essential factors before selecting the party location. If your friend is looking for a memorable night just with his bunch of childhood friends, then you can even suggest a home party or, even better, a terrace party. This can help you cut some costs, which you invest in delicious food and funky accessories. However, if the guest list is extensive, you should consider renting a space to accommodate everyone. 

Plus, partying at a venue comes with many perks like games, activities, and staff to serve guests' fresh food. You don't have to bear the stressful post-party cleanup as the venue staff will handle it for you. When you organize a birthday at home, you have little time to bond with the birthday boy/girl because you are busy being the best host. 

3. Create a custom menu 

Now let's talk about the most important aspect of the party - the food! It is never acceptable to keep your guests waiting for food so make sure there is enough food for everyone. If you are hiring a venue and your guests are expected to arrive early in the evening and spend the night as well, consider buffet-style food options. You can order food from a restaurant, but let’s be real you can do that any day of the week. Why not make it extra special and hire a personal chef?  

Personal chefs can customize menus according to your needs and preferences. They take care of buying the food, cooking, serving and cleaning. All of this at an affordable price. What more do you want? Is there a better way to surprise your friend than by inviting one of the best chefs of the country? Probably not, so go ahead and get in touch with your favorite chef.  

Before you design the meal options, make sure to know whether your guests have food allergies or dietary restrictions. When you get in touch with the personal chef, simply let him/her know about the type of cuisine you would like and he/she will personalize a tasty menu that will satisfy all your guests. 

You will also have to decide about the birthday cake you are planning for the big day. You can ask your chef to bake a cake for you with the desired flavors and toppings. This implies that you can give your friend a freshly baked designer cake and customize it how he/she likes it. Another alternative is to order a cake from a nearby bakery!

4. Go shopping for party decor

If you are renting a venue for the birthday party, you can ask the staff to decorate it with balloons, streamers, banners, and signs. However, if you want the décor to match the party's theme, which you have selected in step one, then it is better to purchase it beforehand. If you want to add a personal touch to the décor of the birthday party, then it is recommended to handpicking party decorations from a store. If you can afford to spend some time, you can wear your creative hat and DIY some frills and ribbons.

How do you plan a birthday party for adults?

As mentioned already, organizing a birthday party for an adult is a bit more challenging if you are new to this. Here are some popular adult birthday party ideas to help you out : 

Choose a theme

Planning a birthday comprises some essential elements, and one of them is selecting a theme for the party. While choosing a theme, think about your friend's unique characteristics or his/her interests, TV shows, movies, etc. If you cannot think of any, why not make a theme out of a dream vacation destination or the idols they look up to.  

However, while getting innovative, don't end up choosing a theme that cannot be incorporated. The wisest idea would be to keep options ready and start shopping for accessories to check whether it is readily available. For instance, if your friend obsesses over the famous sitcom Friends, try to design some accessories by taking inspiration from the show.

Theme ideas


If your friend has always been a loyal football fan, why not make their birthday more special by incorporating a sports theme? You can organize a football match marathon to make the day even more memorable and encourage the guests to wear their favorite sports team's jerseys. 


If your friend group enjoys getting decked up in funky outfits and pulling off creative makeovers, then you can opt for a decade theme (the 1980s, 70s, etc.). The best part about choosing a vintage party theme is that you have the option to make the party either extravagant or straightforward. Before sending out the invitations, make sure to mention this beforehand so that the guests can have extra time to get all the clothing items and wigs they might need.


If the birthday boy/girl has never missed the premiere of an Avengers movie, why not give a tribute to the crazy fan by announcing an avenger-themed birthday party? If you can’t think of a movie, you can also choose a favorite director so that guests have more options to dress up. To broaden the choices, you can select a decade, for example, 2000-2010, and guests will have the option to choose the costume from any movie produced during that period.

What is the right menu for a birthday party?

No birthday party is complete without lip-smacking food and beverages. If most invitees in your group enjoy drinking, then you can serve them extravagant cocktails or cold beers, but make sure to include alcohol-free drinks also so that your guests don't wear out from dehydration.  

Alternatively, you can include drinks that will resonate with the theme you have chosen. Always encourage the guests to drink responsibly so that they can safely reach their place if they are not willing to spend the night at the location of the party (or arrange transportation). 

To select the perfect menu, you have to consider your friend's favorite cuisine, and your guests’ preferences. If you have a knack for cooking, but you are not confident enough to prepare a full-course meal for the guests, you can attend cooking classes.  

Before serving the main meal, you can offer some appetizers like chips, salads, and sandwiches to nibble. If some of your guests are vegan or have any food allergies, always keep at least two snack options for them. If you are planning for an evening get-together, you will have to include dinner options in the party menu as well. Planning the menu seems complicated? Hire a professional chef

In case you have taken the responsibility to wear the chef's uniform for your loved one, consider doing the prep work the night before so that you don’t have to spend all day in the kitchen to feed your guests on the event day. 

Go ahead and bake the birthday cake if you have some free time in your hand. Aside from the cake, make sure to have different options such as chocolate cookies, icecream, brownies, or fruit-flavored desserts for the fitness freaks. Bake a small cake if you are going to include some other dessert alternatives! 

The ultimate party planning checklist 

Planning an adult birthday party will always be stress-free if you have a party checklist ready. Stay organized and have fun planning your favorite peeps' birthday party by following this party planning checklist:  

  • If the birthday is in the middle of the week, inform guests about it a few months in advance so that they can take time off work.
  • Decide how many people you will invite by making a budget estimate.
  • Research about food and beverage ideas and consult with professional chefs. If you are eager to prepare the birthday meals, consider taking cooking classes.
  • Make a shopping list to grab party favors and accessories for the décor of the party. 

Now that you finally know how to plan a birthday party for adults, get to work. While these ideas work great for most fun-loving adults, don’t hesitate to follow your instincts.