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Best 50th Birthday Party Ideas

Half a century is something to celebrate! A 50th birthday is one of the most important milestones in life. Although a lot of people may be reluctant to celebrate the fact that they are aging, prove them wrong by throwing a memorable party in their honor. Try to make the party as personal as you can by highlighting all their positive achievements and special memories like family, children or career highlights while also keeping it light-hearted and fun.

Now, you are probably wondering how to make this day special for your loved one turning 50. No worries! Miummium is here to help you throw a memorable party for your guest by sharing the best 50th birthday party ideas there are.

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50th Birthday Party Themes

When it comes to organizing a 50th birthday party, a classic get-together will most certainly do the job, but in order to make your party personalized, a theme party is the way to go. The ideal party theme varies from one person to another given their interests in life.

50th birthday party themes for Men

Whether you are planning a birthday party for your father, husband, brother or friend, these 50th birthday themes are guaranteed to be a success :

  • The Man, the Myth, the Legend : this theme is to honor your guest as the legend and incredible person they are. To ensure that the theme is carried out perfectly, you can display banners and chalkboards with “The Man, the Myth, the Legend” or even customize a t-shirt for the honoree with the same description. Also, make sure to leave time for a toast.
  • Silver Fox Party : for this theme, it is all about elegance and classiness. Make sure to pick stunning silver decor and set up an elegant dress code. It is the perfect way to show the guest of honor that they will never go out of style.
  • Fifty Years, Beers and Cheers : if your guest of honor is a beer lover, then what is a better way to celebrate him than to throw a birthday party centered around his favorite drink? A few ideas are to set up a buffet with 50 different beers or stacking 50 beers in a pyramid.
  • Bluegrass and Bourbon: another idea for a “drink-based” theme is to plan a bluegrass and bourbon birthday party. For your bourbon lover, set up a Bourbon and cigar bar for him and the guests to enjoy.
  • Then to Now : this is a great idea for a timeline party, where you print out a timeline of custom photos of the celebrated person from childhood all the way to adulthood. You can hang them on different walls and leave space for guests to leave kind words.

50th Birthday Party Themes for Women

If your mother, sister, or partner is turning 50, a birthday party theme is what you need to make her feel special and loved. Here are some 50th birthday party ideas for her that will never disappoint :

  • One Hot Tamale : with this birthday theme, you want to show your loved one that no matter her age, she is always a stand out. Make sure to include a lot of red while setting up the decoration and establish a desired dress code. Add jars of hot tamales and spicy entrees for an extra touch.
  • Jetsetter : this is the perfect birthday theme for a globetrotter. There are so many ideas to explore if your guest of honor has a favorite country or a favorite cuisine. You can hang world maps on the walls as well as pictures of her in countries dear to her heart.
  • A Sweet Five-O : bring a little sugar to the party by using sweets (candy, cupcakes, chocolate or any other sweet) to spell out 50 on a dessert table or make a collection or glass jars filled with 50 different treats.
  • Nothing to Wine About : if your guest of honor loves wine, make sure to include plenty of it on their birthday. You can set up a bar with a bunch of different wines and organize a wine testing or purchase vintage wine or her favorite brand for her to enjoy.
  • A Family Affair : make your loved one welcome her 50th year by being surrounded with all her loved ones, by organizing a family-focused event. You can include family pictures and albums to remember fond memories or have a family dinner with the family’s traditional recipes.

50th Birthday Party Decoration Ideas

Birthday party decorations bring the party to life. You can have fun adjusting it to your guest of honor to make it personal and special. Here are 50th birthday party decorations ideas :

  • Golden decoration
  • Retro decor
  • Photobooth

Golden decorations

Golden decorations are a staple in 50th birthday parties since you are celebrating your loved one’s golden milestone. Also, gold is a universal triumphal color that your guest of honor can only love. Add some gold balloons, confetti and anything that gives a pop of gold to the decor.

Retro Decor

Making the place filled with pictures of your loved one’s most special memories is a great way to commemorate their happy times and share it with their guests. A room can be decorated with hippy flowers from the 60s, while another could be a flamboyant tribute to the 80s. It is a great way to make the party even more personal and make the attendee reminisce altogether.


Having a photobooth set up with props is a great way to picture memorable light-hearted memories during the birthday party. Once the guests have loosened up a bit, bring out the photo booth props and let them have fun.

50th Birthday Party Food and Drinks

A successful 50th birthday party is one with good food and drinks! They are essential to any party, and without them, guests are left hungry and disappointed. So, to make sure your guests are happy and satiated. Here are two recommendations to help you with food and drinks:

  1. Hire a personal chef
  2. Buffet table styling and presentation

1. Hire a personal chef

When it comes to hosting a party with a lot of people, hiring a personal chef facilitates the task.  A personal chef will adapt to your theme and bring to your table what you have in mind. Furthermore, if certain guests have special requests or dietary requirements, the personal chef will make sure to modify dishes to suit their needs.

Hiring a personal chef for your loved one’s 50th birthday party assures you have premium quality food. This will also allow you to spend extra time with your guests instead of running back and forth to the kitchen. Not to mention that the chef will take charge of the clean-up once they are done cooking...

2. Buffet table styling and presentation

Setting up a food buffet adds a lot to your party and allows your guests to snack every once in a while. So you need to make sure that your buffet table is presented and styled in a way that suits your theme, and that is full of delicious snacks and drinks.

  • Custom cookies and sweets : by using custom cookie cutters, you can make customized cookies with the birthday guest’s face or, even have made custom photo M&M’s to add a fun touch to your snacks table.
  • Custom cocktails : if your honoree has a favorite drink, you can make a customized cocktail that represents them the best.
  • Guest of Honor’s favorites : don’t forget to incorporate in your menu and buffet your honoree’s favorites. It is a thoughtful gesture that will put a smile on their face.

50th Birthday Gift Ideas

The party will inevitably end and you will want your loved one to walk away with something special to remember this day. Here are the best 50th birthday gift ideas:

  • Cooking class
  • Travel fund
  • Photobook

Cooking Class

This is an amazing gift idea for the person you are celebrating. Cooking classes are fun, educational and flavorful! They will learn different dishes and new techniques that you get to enjoy the next time you are invited to eat at their place. The cooking class can be curated to their liking and in the comfort of their own home.

Travel Fund

If the person celebrated has a passion for traveling, offering a travel fund is a lovely present that directs them towards their next adventure. This can be done by asking the guests to contribute collectively to cover the cost of the ticket.

Offer a Photo Book

Photo books are the closest things we have to a time machine in this world. With the help of your guests, gather all the pictures that pertains to the newly 50 years old and make him remember all that has passed and leave space for what is to come.

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