What are the best free dinner party games for adults?

What are the best free dinner party games for adults?

Are you making arrangements for a birthday dinner party with your lifelong friends? Or maybe you just want to break the ice with your coworkers at dinner? Being an adult is not an excuse not to have fun like when we were children. 

In this article you will learn all you need to know about the best dinner games for adults. There are many different types depending on the situation… Are you ready to find the perfect game for your party?

 Top 5 free dinner party games

You really don't have to pay for a board game or download an app to have fun. Some of the best games are the ones that have been around forever. Whether you’re organizing a birthday party or a meeting between colleagues, you only need to want to have fun! 

 Need some fun ideas? Here are some of the best free party games!

Who am I?

This game works like this: every time someone enters the house, you pick a character for them and place it on their back. Obviously, the person shouldn't know what character he or she has. They must be characters known to you, from celebrities to cartoons or movie characters, whatever you want! 

The funny thing is that nobody knows who they are and throughout the night they have to ask questions to try to guess. The questions can only be answered with "Yes" or "No" and to make it even more fun, you can set a time limit. The ones who do not guess correctly may have to pass a test or have some kind of embarrassing “punishment” and the first one who guesses it could get a surprise gift. You make the rules!

The liar’s game

Do you know your guests well enough? This is the perfect game to prove it! In order to play this game, you must ask your guests to gather around and form a circle or semicircle to designate someone as the scorer and jury. Then, each person says one statement about himself that is true, and two that are not true. 

Players receive a point for each time they guess whether or not the other participants told the truth. After the round is over, the one with the most points is proclaimed the winner, or rather: the greatest liar!

Guess the song

Another one of the most popular and fun adult party games is the song guessing game. It is super simple and entertaining! 

Form two groups among all the party goers and have them play 30 seconds of different songs, the group that guesses the most songs will be the winner. If you want to add even more emotion, you can choose a prize for the winning team and a “punishment” for the losing team. This is one of those games where it is impossible to get bored! 

Remember the songs you liked the most from your youth and add these to the playlist of the game. If you want to level this game up, you can also hire musicians and singers to play live music throughout the party.

Who do you think is...

This game is quite embarrassing but really entertaining. You will only need a coin and a lot of guts. The rules are quite simple.

Approach one person in the group and whisper a question that only he or she will hear. This person should then approach the person who he or she thinks is the best fit for the question. Then, the chosen person must flip a coin. If it’s tails, the person must tell everyone what the question was and restart the game. If it’s heads, the person must continue playing and ask another question to whoever they want.  

For this game, you should use these types of questions: 
Who do you think is the most handsome? 
Who do you think hasn't been to the dentist for the longest? 
Who do you think has not taken a shower today? 
Who do you think.... 

This is the perfect game to ask daring questions and discover things you would like to know!

Musical chairs

You probably played this game as a kid, but as an adult it's even more enjoyable! You have to place the chairs in a circle and the players will be standing, except for one who will be in charge of the music. 

This person will turn on the music and the players will start dancing near the chairs. Once the music stops, the players have to sit on the chairs. We will pull out a chair and continue to play the music. Once the music stops, the players have to sit on the remaining chairs. The ones who did not sit on a chair will be eliminated. You can play until there is only one player left, who will be the winner.

There is another variation of this game without the chairs: the players have to sit on each other's knees. A little more "adult", right?

Best cocktail party games for adults

If you are looking to break the ice and enjoy the moment, nothing tops drinking games! Pop up some bottles, blow up some balloons and make sure your guests feel comfortable. No idea which games to play? These are some of the best cocktail party games for adults. Cheers!

Never have I ever

Never Have I Ever is the ultimate ice breaking game. The aim of the game is to say something that you think someone has done. People who have done it should have a drink. 

These are some phrases that can help as an example:
 Never have I ever ghosted someone who liked me.
 Never have I ever felt attracted to a teacher.
 Never have I ever got a lip piercing. 

This game can be a lot of fun for adult parties, but watch out! It generally tends to escalate to more daring things, so it may not be the best choice if you are playing with your co-workers or bosses.

Is it you?

This game is not really famous because it was created by a friend, or at least that’s what he says. What is true is that it is extremely fun and a bit cringe for those who are playing. It is played in pairs but all the guests take part. 

It basically goes like this: the group picks a couple randomly, both of them have to cover their eyes with bandages or sit back to back with each other. Each of the guests will ask different questions to these two people one by one, for example:
Who is a better dancer?
Who is more successful with the opposite sex?
Who has more savings? 

Whoever thinks he is, should take a sip. When they both drink, the game is over and they have to finish the whole drink. It’s a great game for groups of friends who know each other very well!

Heads up!

Another great drinking game is the famous Heads up! This great party drinking app has become very popular in recent years. The rules are very simple: 

One of the players must put his mobile phone on its head without seeing the word to guess. The rest of the players have to give him clues so that he can guess the word he has on his head, each player must guess the maximum number of words before time runs out. 

If the player with the phone has not guessed the word, he must tilt the phone back. If he is correct, he must tilt the phone forward so that the next word appears and continue playing. If the player misses a minimum of X words, he must drink! 

You can also play this game as a couple and you will still have a great time!

Classic games that everyone loves

These games may not be free, but they are affordable and are sure to take your party to the next level. Find out which are some of the best classic games that you cannot miss out on and get ready for an exciting game night!


If you think you're an intuitive person, Dixit might be your thing! 

Dixit is one of the recent classics in the world of board games. In this game, we become storytellers who build sentences around cards. 

On each turn, the narrator calls out a phrase or word that matches the card. The rest of the players choose a card of theirs that they think fits that phrase and later, they must guess which was the narrator's. 


Scrabble is a crossword game for 2, 3 or 4 players (usually played in pairs). It consists of forming words that cross each other on the board, just like in crossword puzzles, using cards marked with a letter and a number.   

Players should try to achieve the highest possible score by using their tiles skillfully or by placing them in such a way that they get the most out of both the tile values and the prize boxes on the board. 

If you're familiar with words like Oxyphenbutazone, you might be a good player! 


Risk is a game that consists of conquering territories and is very popular all over the world. The goal of the game is to attack and capture enemy territories in order to defeat the opponent and become the ruler of the world. 

This game is played on a board that is divided into 42 territories and each player receives multiple tokens where each token represents a troop. The number of troops is determined at the beginning of each turn and is based on the number of territories the player occupies. Feel like conquering the world? 


If you want to test your flexibility, Twister is the one! The game consists of a cloth that has colored circles drawn and a circle with an arrow that rotates, indicating a circle of one color and the right or left foot or hand. 

The players have to follow the orders indicated by the arrow and place the corresponding hand or foot in the circle of the indicated color. The player who falls first loses.


Pictionary needs no introduction! It is a game where the only way to communicate is through drawing. It is played in teams and consists of guessing a word by watching the drawings made by your teammate in a race against time in which the team that guesses the most words wins. 

In case you wanted to show off your drawing skills, you know which game to pick!

Virtual dinner party games for adults

In the times we live in, throwing parties with our friends and family is not as easy as it used to be, but this doesn’t mean that we cannot continue to have fun. With technology everything is possible nowadays, so check out these virtual party games and keep having a blast!


No doubt, Houseparty had to be on this list! This game basically works in the format of a group video call, so you can connect with up to 8 friends at the same time. They are added directly through your contacts and it has several built-in games like: Guess who?, Pictionary, Chips and Guac & many more!


You've surely heard about UNO! Although the graphics are somewhat childish, it gives you the opportunity to play with the mythical deck of cards from your mobile. The game adapts to age, to choose a lower difficulty level if the little ones play. You can invite your friends through WhatsApp or Gmail. To be able to play with them, you just have to go into 'fun mode' and create a room code with which your contacts can access from their mobile phones.

The Sims

This list couldn't exist without a virtual reality game. To play The Sims for free, you must register with Facebook and connect the worlds of your friends with yours to move between both. You can also share your actions and basically lead a normal life like the one you would do at home, but from your phone screen. Speaking of modern times…  

Tips to make your dinner party extra special

If you want your friends and family to have a great time at your dinner party, don’t just rely on fun games! Also make sure that the space is well decorated and the music is on point. 

It may seem a bit hard to throw an awesome party the right way, that's why we are going to give you some tips and ideas that can make your dinner party extra special!  

Plan a costume party

The first thing you have to do is decide what kind of costume party you want to organize. If it will be thematic or if each one will wear the costume they want. If you opt for a themed costume party, let your guests know the chosen theme. There are many possible themes for your party: TV series, films, video games, etc.

Hire a personal chef

Why stress out and cook for your guests if a private chef can do it for you? Whatever food it is you fancy, our personal chefs will tailor the menu to best fit your tastes and dietary restrictions. The process is really simple: pick a date, choose the menu of your preference and invite your friends. You don’t even have to do the dishes!

Book a group cooking class

Do you want your guests to learn how to prepare sushi? Or maybe Peruvian ceviche? They will surely thank you forever! Enjoy a unique cooking class tailored to your taste and dietary restrictions. Our personal chefs customize the experience so that you and your guests can get the most out of your culinary class. Apart from learning useful cooking techniques, you also get to eat your mouth-watering creations! Isn’t it wonderful?

With these useful tips and fun games, your dinner parties will never be boring again! Laughter, memories and good times are guaranteed from now on.