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How to throw a cooking class party

Nothing gets people together more than food. Our taste buds might all have their own preferences, but no matter what is served, you can be certain that people will be happy to sit around a table. Now that public health measures are being loosened around the globe, it's the perfect time to throw a little party to catch up on the past two years that flew by. If you want to organize a cooking class for you and your friends or family, keep reading as Miummium has you covered with this how-to guide.


What is a cooking party?

At a cooking party, like any other party, people mingle, but the host doesn't serve them the food. Cooking parties are atypical because the guests prepare the food themselves. Usually, the host provides the raw food, cooking utensils, silverware, and sitting arrangements.

It’s a great way to celebrate birthday parties and spend some quality time doing a productive activity with your loved ones. You can also throw a cooking party with your colleagues as a team building activity, or invite your neighbors for a small get-together to get to know each other well.

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How to throw a cooking class party

The best thing about cooking class parties is that they are just as delicious as they are instructive. All you need to do is choose a location, invite your guests, and contact a private chef to host the wonderful evening. These culinary events are so easy to organize that they can quickly become a tradition.

MiumMium’s amazing chefs are always ready to rise for special occasions, but sometimes you don’t need a professional chef to get a cooking class party going. For instance, if many members of your family have been yearning to learn your grandmother’s amazing meat pie recipe, she can be the honored chef for the evening! Rather than cooking it herself, she can give orders around while enjoying a sumptuous glass of wine.

You can come up with thousands of different cooking class themes for special events and private parties. You can host a cooking class party for a kid's birthday, for a team building activity, or even for a fun bachelorette party. There’s always a good reason to get together and eat food. Let's look into some of them!

Girl or boy's night

You can make it a girls' or boys' night by inviting some of your buddies over to your place. You can make some simple dishes by yourself, replicate some famous Tik Tok dishes or look up recipes on the Internet. Even if none of you are decent cooks, it doesn’t matter much as long as you have fun!

Group date

Cooking is more pleasant and fun when you do it with someone you love and care for. You can invite your friends and their partner to enjoy a private and intimate evening. Your guests can make their signature recipes. It’s a perfect idea for a double date!

Grill with the family

Grilling is one of the best ways to spend a fun summer evening with your family. You can host the party in your backyard and take turns playing grill master. You can prepare some dishes in advance that complement what’s on the grill. You can spend quality time together and enjoy an intimate evening with your family outside. This is the perfect occasion to have a battle of the marinade!

Corporate Events

Corporate events are usually stiff, formal, and dare we say boring. You can try something new by throwing a cooking class party for everyone in a particular department. By hiring a private chef, your 9 to 5 warriors will learn how to make something they always wondered how the pros make. This is a nice team building activity that will get everyone chuckling!

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Pre cooking class party preparations

Once you’ve settled the where, the who, and the when, you can start asking your guest what kind of food they are interested in learning to cook. You can decide on a particular cuisine like Chinese, Italian, Mexican, or you can give a free hand to your guests to prepare their signature dishes which can result in a diverse food range. Even better, you can let a private chef come over and share some of his magic with you and your guests!

Doing it yourself vs. Hiring a professional chef

If there is a skilled cook amongst your guests who knows how to cook what’s on your menu, you might not need a professional chef on that given night. However, depending on the special occasion, the service of a private chef can be instructive and flavorful. It can also be a little surprise you reserve for your guests!

If you want to learn how to cook your lamb à la française because you are tired of spending so much money at restaurants with your wife’s foodie friends, hiring a private chef is the right option for you! Spending on a learning experience is actually investing in the long run.

Refreshments for a cooking class party

You also have to make sure you get the beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) that complement the food and that there is enough of it for everybody. You can choose between wine, beer, sparkling water, digestive, and juices. Figure out which beverage will go with your food well and get your hands on it. Of course, one of the benefits of having a private chef over is that they can suggest the best wine and beverage pairings.


Food amateurs often forget the important fact that humans can also enjoy a culinary experience with their eyes and nose. Setting a table appropriately is considered an art form by many, and you can be certain that the extra effort you take will make the experience even more immersive for your guests.

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Tips to make the cooking class successful

Choosing what will be taught during the cooking class party can be extremely challenging. No gluten, vegetarian, or even food allergies must be considered beforehand. You don’t want one of your guests to stop at the door and say “hey, are those lethal peanuts I’m smelling?” Getting this information before the culinary event will save you the trouble of having to reschedule the event.

Another useful tip for a successful cooking class is playing some light music in the background. Jazz is always a good pick, but if you are learning how to make sushi, why not put on some traditional Japanese music to get everyone in the mood? Bon appétit!

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