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Cooking style
My cooking style is one of respect and appreciation for fresh produce, strong flavors and healthy indulgence. I believe in using quality ingredients because those flavors translate to a deep and complex dish. One of my favorite cuisines to cook is Italian food because the cuisine is fundamentally based in quality and simplicity. Everything I make is handmade to delight and excite your tastebuds.
My cooking experience started when I was very young and helping my mother in the kitchen. I have always enjoyed being in a kitchen and crafting meals that are soulful and enriching. After may years of being a home chef, I decided to pursue that passion in an effort to learn more about the fundamentals and intricacies of the kitchen. I found a wonderful culinary program here in San Diego and fully emersed myself in the field. I learned a lot about the science and art behind amazing dishes and the history of food, all of which gave me a deeper appreciation for everything that winds up on a plate. After culinary school I worked at a variety of restaurants. I learned the most from my time at 'nine-ten' while I was studying under Executive Chef Jason Knibb. He taught me a lot more about how to make a plate into a piece of artwork.
American, Decadent, Fusion, Health, Italian, Mediterranean
Chef Nicholas
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Summer in Temecula

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