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Private Chef cordell Miami, FL, United States

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Cooking style
Hispanic/ Carribean/ Japanese/ Medditeranean/Chinese/Canadian. Accustomed to broilers, Fryers, Sushi, Griddles, Grills, salamanders, Everything but microwaves!!!
I am a chef out of Miami, Florida. I learned the aspect of ingredients through my father a father of 5, Out of Bluefields, Nicaragua. A small banana enclave economy in 1886, The youngest of my dads five, I always tailed his every move. He was an avid fishermen and a committed cook on sundays, Which is where i learned to follow technique. I was 6 years old at the time. I always encouraged the process. By this time now a day i'm a 13 year veteran, I've been cooking and learning all my life. #Pfchangs #mortonsofchicago #Briotuscannegrille #Clevelandersouthbeach #miamimarlins #hooters of america. Kennesaw, Georgia.
African, American, Asian, BBQ, Caribbean, Chinese
Chef cordell
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Very Dissatisfied
The chef did not come to the scheduled appointment. I don't know if there was a miscommunication, but we never heard from him the day he was suppose to prepare our meal at the condo.
Chef comment: It is of my apology and great un fortune that i could not make the meet back in 2017, I was in currents changes of a move between Georgia and Florida when i made the arrangement it was important to me but of some nature something came in between and i deeply apologize for it.
Bad business
Unfortunately the chef didn't show. Our communication wasn't the best to begin with. Once we discussed the menu, I made a reservation and never heard from him until I reached out. I was unable to provide the address of where I was staying because the owner didn't want to provide it to us until the day we arrived, but that shouldn't have prevented any discussion. The day before I arrived I again reached out to chef and told him I still didn't have the exact address but gave him an address close by (provided by the owner) so he would have an idea of where he was going. He never responded. The day I arrived I finally got the address and I sent him a message as soon as I got it. 4 hours passed, no response. I log onto this miummium site and he shows he hadn't read it. I write again to get a time he will arrive, no response. At this point, it was apparent he wasn't coming. He could have reached out and said hey, without all the details upfront I can't make it or something. He had all my con
Chef comment: I'm sorry folks i apologize in advance for this non meet and my pre agreement knowing the situation it was simultaneous that i could'nt arrive to my scheduled appointment, Although it was priority i fell victim to misscircumstancial i apologize in great tardiness as i am much more capable and able to make the events up be it you ever arrive again.
Excellent Chef
We had an excellent experience with Chef Cordell. He went above and beyond with the actual meal and preparation. Everyone in our dinner party was very impressed. The cream of brocolli soup and the birthday cake were excellent. Chef Cordell also did a great job managing multiple eating restrictions like vegetarians and lactose intolerance.
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