Best team building companies

Best team building companies

Every entrepreneur aims for the best practical results for its organization, and to achieve continual growth successfully in a competitive market. Team-building activities happen to be one of the key factors that differentiate a dynamic workplace where individuals are invested to one where employees are only there for a paycheck. This attitude can have a significant effect on the productivity of workers.

For your employee coordination to be effective, you have to improve your organization's teamwork. This is where team-building can help you, as it can strengthen the bond between your co-workers and enhance their overall performance. Below, we have compiled a list of the 15 most reputable and experienced team-building companies.


What are the best team building companies?

Kronos Experience

Kronos Experience, formerly known as Coeur à l'ouvrage, has been in the business for 16 years. They offer team-building services to clients who want to develop a stronger organization. They aim to develop your company's teamwork through challenges and team-developing activities. Their virtual team-building activities and events are immersive, engaging, and fun. This virtual option is convenient for teleworking companies.

You can go for various team-building programs such as Operation UV, the Missing Player, and the Recruits. Kronos Experience focuses on the quality of the events and aims to develop all the essential skills among employees so they can improve their organization's performance and daily tasks.

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Adventure Associates

Adventure Associates offer their team-building services all across the country. This team-building firm specializes in corporate training services that aim to enhance the teamwork of your organization’s employees. Other than that, they also offer retreats. Adventure Associates offer their clients special programs such as Trail Venture and The Big Seek Scavenger Hunt.

The goal of these programs is to enable your team to combine their skills, intellect, and experience in an engaging way. Corporate team building activities hosted by Adventure Associates develop essential skills in your employees such as communication, leadership, and management.


Best Corporate Events

Best Corporate Events are also a good option for developing teamwork among your employees. They offer their services to any part of the US without charging travel costs. You can also go for customized team-building programs for your organization.

As the name suggests, Best Corporate Events specialize in various corporate team-building events such as social events, development programs, charity events, and staff parties. Their events aim to nurture essential skills in workers. They have handled events for some of the best-performing firms in the United States.


Atlanta Challenge

Atlanta Challenge is a team-building company based in Atlanta. They are a local business that aims to help firms improve their employees' communication, leadership qualities, team morale, and teamwork. They offer programs to promote these qualities engagingly and productively. Their team building services are available all across America.

Team-building exercises and programs are available at competitive price ranges for organizations. They offer a clear outline of their events so you can pick the program that's best for your team. Their programs are also available for clients with different group sizes, such as large, medium, and small groups.


Chelsea Piers

Chelsea Piers is located in New York and specializes in providing team-building services to organizations across New York and Stamford, Connecticut. Chelsea Piers provide companies a suitable place to engage in 25 different sports activities.

Chelsea Piers also offers a workout club for employees for a healthy lifestyle. They also organize numerous social events to develop your employees’ essential teamwork skills such as communication, coordination, and leadership qualities.


Hal’s Kitchen

Hal's Kitchen takes a unique approach towards team building. As the name suggests, Hal's Kitchen develops teamwork in your employees by making them take part in an engaging cooking contest.

They have a Top Secret Kitchen Challenge that introduces secret ingredients before the cooking contest begins. Teams must include some secret ingredients in the menu to win. In this contest, teams are judged by their presentation, creativity, the taste of their dish, and incorporation of the secret ingredient.


Great Results

AGreat Results is an up-and-coming team-building firm that can significantly improve your business performance through employee coordination and communication. Their team-building programs aim to promote cooperation among your employees so they can improve the output of your organization.

You will be allowed to choose any team-building activity and customize it to suit your organization's needs and team goals. Great Results also offer additional services such as customized workshops, private mentorship programs, and motivational keynote addresses. They also offer follow-up programs to continually improve teamwork.



InnerWork has dedicated its services to bringing positive changes to any workplace. They are an internationally recognized management consulting and training company. Their programs facilitate leadership development among your employees and they also organize social conferences for their clients all across North America.

InnerWork has worked on and implemented more than 1,500 organizational meetings, retreats, and social conferences all across the country. They can dramatically improve your organization’s teamwork through their team of qualified consultants. 


Museum Hack

Museum Hack offers their services across Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington DC, NYC, Philadelphia, Boston, and Atlanta. Their team-building services focus on a unique aspect, as their team-building programs and activities are conducted in popular museums all across the country. They engage your employees in fun activities that develop teamwork.

Their team-building activities include women in leadership forums and scavenger hunts workshops. These activities improve your team's essential skills and help local and international museums as well.


Philly Hops

Philly Hops provide their clients with corporate team-building activities, workshops, and events in different areas, including Baltimore, Morristown, Pittsburgh, New York, Princeton, North Jersey,  NJ, Washington DC, and Philadelphia. Their quality team-building services help develop coordination among your employees by breaking geographical barriers.

Their programs are also very effective at developing leadership among your employees. You can choose from a wide range of available activities in their programs, such as indoor activities, outdoor activities, treasure hunts, and culinary contests. Along with teamwork, these activities strengthen the interpersonal skills between employees.


Small Group Team Building

Small-Group Team Building is currently only available in Florida and Georgia. They used to work with small groups, but now they have extended their team-building services to larger groups as well. Their team-building programs incorporate custom themes and charitable elements.

You can also choose from different team-building programs that are available. These can include your normal teamwork activities with adventures or elements of technology. The team-building experiences your employees get from their programs are conducive to developing essential skills among them.



Miummium offers the services of personal chefs all around the world, either for a private culinary experience or a custom cooking class. These cooking classes can easily be converted into team-building activities as food brings people together and making a meal as a group requires communication and delegation. Rather than a cooking class, a chef could come to the workplace and cook in front of your staff.

The cultural power of food cannot be underestimated, and the experience of a private chef at work is a great opportunity for individuals to share more about themselves. Cultivating this bond between coworkers is what leads to innovation and synergy. Unlike other team-building experiences before in this article, the services of Miummium are available all around the world.

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Team Builders Plus

Team Builders Plus has over 25 years of experience in the team-building industry. They are also one of the largest team-building companies in the US. They have pioneered and implemented many innovative team-building programs for their clients, such as the Taking Flight Program, which is considered the most effective DiSC program.

You can easily find team sessions for your employees in the programs of Team Builders Plus. They offer many developmental plans for your employees, such as Harmonia, Team Samurai, and Intergalactic Adventure. They offer team-building programs for 20 to 500 participants.


Outback Team Building & Training

Outback Team Building & Training offers team-building programs all across North America. Outback Team Building & Training is trusted by major organizations in the United States and prides itself in providing customers quality, efficiency, reliability, and flexible employee training and team-building services.

They also offer counseling services for your employees so they can enjoy a satisfying learning experience. You can select from a variety of available team-building plans, such as outdoor activities and professional training sessions.


Rock Paper Team

Rock Paper Team is a New York City based team-building company that offers charity events, culinary events, training workshops, game shows, and art-related activities. You can go for an activity that suits the objectives of your organization.