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What are the benefits of cooking classes in school?

Why is cooking important in life?

Cooking is important because it brings flavor and people together. Since all of us need to eat to survive, it is worth perfecting our cooking skills to impress others and ourselves. Cooking is a pillar in every culture around the globe and an essential life skill.

In addition to the socio-cultural benefits of cooking, there are also inevitable health benefits of knowing how to cook properly. Culinary skills provide the ability to cook a meal that is delicious and nutritious. Someone’s diet can be a real source of vitality, and the inverse is also true.

Food is a brilliant way to understand and appreciate other cultures in an interactive way. Overall, the importance of food cannot be overlooked, after all, we literally can't live without it.


Why should schools have cooking classes?

Schools should have cooking classes since knowing what constitutes a healthy diet is invaluable. Furthermore, a cooking class is a great opportunity to integrate language classes and mathematics since following a recipe demands reading comprehension and measurement. Cooking should be pedagogical.

Having cooking classes in schools also promotes the independence of students and teaches them safety measures. Standardizing a nation’s knowledge regarding the importance of food is an innovative way of reducing malnutrition and applying what students have learned.


Benefits of Cooking Classes

Hands-on experiences are phenomenal for children. Here are key benefits of cooking for students:

  • Healthier food
  • Development of essential skills
  • Self-confidence improvement
  • Break from academics


Healthier food

When cooking classes are taught in school, it is done so alongside an in-depth curriculum of nutritional information and teaching. This ensures children have all the knowledge surrounding their food, where it comes from, and how to make educated nutritional choices.

Culinary classes have to be conducted with a responsible and knowledgeable professional. Students should eat healthily and cooking classes should be safe and minimize safety risks. Salad, bread making, and other basic food preparation are ideas that keep knives and fire hazards away.


Development of Essential Skills

The plasticity of the brain of children is far greater than that of adults so this crucial period in their development should be used to optimize their general knowledge. Masterchef Junior is a TV show that demonstrates how proficient kids can be in a kitchen.

In addition to knife skills, cooking classes can provide students with other key skills such as measuring, food preparation, meat cooking, kitchen organization as well as the history and science behind what they are cooking. 

While waiting for cooking classes in schools to appear on your children’s curriculum, a private cooking class at home can be even more immersive and didactic for your children. Having your kid participate in food preparation can speed up the process and also allow you to share beautiful moments with them.

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Improved Self-Confidence 

Cooking classes allow children to feel like they’ve accomplished something on their own, which subsequently improves their self-confidence. Giving children in schools the responsibility to cook meals themselves will narrow the bridge between childhood and adulthood, and students will be able to see what awaits on the other side.


Break From Academics

School life can be difficult for the most dedicated students. Given this, schools should provide outlets for kids to thrive and unwind outside of academics. Cooking classes are a perfect way to achieve this.

Culinary classes give students that much-needed break from academics while still providing them with key life skills in an educational way. Providing students with an hour or two a week dedicated to cooking classes will schedule time for them to do something other than sitting at a desk. Moreover, it also brings students away from any kind of screen.


Want to organize cooking classes for your students?

It is evident that cooking classes provide ample benefits to students in school due to the integral skills that it teaches them. It ensures they know about where their food comes from and the nutritional value it holds. The hands-on experience it provides cannot be stressed enough.

If you feel like students at your school could benefit from cooking lessons, browse the services of Miummium. Our cooking classes can take place in the classroom or at home. Our personal chefs customize each and every experience, meaning you can work alongside them to create a curriculum that works best for your students. 

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