Private Chef Yna Colorado Springs, CO, United States

Cooking with style, meals for every occasions.

Personal Chef # 26257

Cooking style
Made-from-scratch Stuff – In general, I try to make stuff from scratch. This isn’t to say that I do it all the time, but I think it’s cool to make mayo by hand. I think it’s fun to know how to make really good sandwich bread from scratch.
EXPERIENCE PERSONAL CHEF ( March2019-PRESENT)      MARRIOTT COLORADO SPRINGS (March2018-PRESENT)     ✔️Garden Manger/ Cold Chef     ✔️Banquet     ✔️A La Carte     ✔️Hot Line SOLEA RESORT HOTEL ( AUGUST.2017-FEBRUARY.2018) ✔️Cold ChefHAROLDS HOTEL (JAN.2017 – JULY. 2017) ✔️ Line cook ✔️JAPANESE MAKI.
American, Asian, BBQ, Chinese, Mexican, Vegetarian
Chef Yna
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What would you like?

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