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Private Chef Andrew Bellevue, OH, United States

Don't underestimate my ability as a cook simply because I am no longer a chef...

Personal Chef # 12888

Cooking style
My style is simple, a chef is made to elevate simple ingredients into great food, food is not created to elevate the chef. I like to cook using simple ingredients and I love taking those ingredients and making dishes that inspire. I like big flames and high heats, proteins are always a great place to start. I keep things simple but elegant, light but fresh, always heavy on the flavor though. Spices should be just enough to start a conversation but not enough to end one. Finally Id say I am not in this to be rich or famous, I simply love to cook, and If you can offer me an excuse to cook well then I would love to cook for you!
I went to Ehove for 2 years where I studied Culinary. I worked for over a year in a kitchen and when I realized that wasn't the life for me I moved on. However I continue to cook at home and push my own limits and try new things, I would love to be able to use this site as a way to cook for other people and share my passion for food with them.
American, Asian, BBQ, French, Health, Italian
Chef Andrew
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What would you like?

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