Private Chef Joshua Akron, OH, United States

The ingredients are my paint, the plate is my canvas.

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Cooking style
My cooking style is my own, I combine details from every cuisine and style I learn to create new and exciting dishes. I also have been creating my own handmade plates and other dishes! My style is much broader than the 6 influences I can select, I am very well versed in many different types of cuisines, styles and techniques. Creating you own personalized custom menu is enjoyable and exciting for me, so please, let's work together!
I have worked in many professional kitchens throughout Akron and Cleveland. Such as Dante Restauants, Toast Wine Bar, Canterbury Golf Club, Bourbon Street Barrel Room, Mustard Seed Market Cafe, Aladdins Eatery, and more! I went to culinary school at Cuyagoga Community College where I received my associates degrees in hospitality management and in culinary arts. Currently I am pursuing my personal chef career and working part time at select fine dining restaurants to stay current with today's food trends.
Europe, Fusion, Health, Molecular, Vegan, Vegetarian
Chef Joshua
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What would you like?

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Amazing meal, accommodating many dietary restrictions.
Josh deliver an outstanding experience for our group of 10 women with the widest possible variety of dietary restrictions. We are a tough group to feed with a mix of paleo/gluten free, vegetarian, non-dairy/no grain, self-described '5 year old diets' and a couple foodies but he managed to create menu options that suited everyone and all of the girls agreed that it was an amazing meal. Our first course, a strawberry melon gazpacho was perfect for summer. The second course, a prosciutto melon salad was described by the girls as 'culinary genius' since he managed to create a salad that tasted like cake! The third course, ribeye for the meat eaters and a cauliflower steak for our vegetarian. We finished with an incredibly fresh raspberry sorbet. Chef Josh helped make our reunion weekend one to remember with an absolutely incredible meal without leaving our home!
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