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How it works

Our Personal chefs buy the freshest ingredients.

They cook in your kitchen and serve the meal.

The Chef cleans up after and leave discreetly.

Steak in Las vegas


Enjoy a personalized, expertly-prepared meal in the comfort of your own home. Our Private Chef will provide a delightful culinary experience that is ideal for all occasions such as bachelorette parties, anniversaries or birthdays. MiumMium is the perfect way to add a twist to a date night or for lunch between friends. Our chefs will create each dish around your tastes and culinary restrictions, transforming your home into your own tailor-made restaurant. The MiumMium chef will buy the tastiest produce on the day of the service from their favorite local market. They will prepare the meal right in your home and provide table service for you and your guests. Relax, our professional chef will take care of everything.

Seafood in Las vegas


Las Vegas is a city entirely given over to life's guilty pleasures. Sure, you can hit Nevada's desert oasis of neon lights for the gambling, the shows, or its many, shall we say, adult offerings, but foodies know that the real reason to come to Vegas is to experience its cuisine. Many of the world's most-celebrated chefs supervise restaurants on The Strip, making it easy to keep up with global gastronomy trends. There's also a vibrant food scene off-Strip that's worth exploring, and a number of excellent annual food and drink events. There is no better place than Vegas to live the Private CHef Experience in your home or rental vacation Villa.

Our Chef

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