Private Chef Georgios Athens, Greece

Private Chef at VIP Premises

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Cooking style
My focus is on Greek & International & Italian cuisines.
My name is Georgios Dimitriadis and since I was 13 I remember myself cooking and creating new dishes and flavours. This was my hobby and need for creativity. After 9 years, I started working as a cook and studying culinary arts at the Alpine Center Swiss College. When I graduated, I started working at top restaurants in Athens for 7 years with some of the best chefs in Greece. From 1998~2000 I was the Head Chef in one of the top 18 restaurants in Athens (Alpha Guide) and at the 30 finalist for the best chef in Greece. From 1995 until 2011 I was working at top restaurants in Athens, Mykonos, Santorini, and Inverness Scotland. During the last several years, I have been working as a private chef for VIP's around the world and this has given me the opportunity to travel & use some of the best ingredients on earth, pushing my culinary passion to the edge. Travelling the world with both hats of Chef and a Diver, enables me to open my horizons to a different and tasteful cultures, seducing me to new culinary worlds.
Europe, Health, Italian, Mediterranean
Chef Georgios
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