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Hungry Chef Umberto - your Sicilian chef

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Cooking style
I am Italian so the focus of my food is on fantastic ingredients. My style of food is hearty and rustic but elegantly presented. It's about simplicity and deliciousness not foams and smears for me. I source high-welfare, high quality local produce and take traditional Sicilian and regional Italian dishes and give them a modern twist.
I am a personal chef offering high quality, authentic Sicilian and Southern Italian food in Bristol, Devon, Dorset, Cornwall and Wales. I have done this work for 8 years and has many great reviews from satisfied clients. As well as creating and serving delicious food, I am able to present each course to you and your guests with a personal story about the ingredients and the dish that offers an extra element to your dining experience. Sicilian food is the original fusion cuisine with influences from the French, Arabs, Spanish and also the Greeks. I am used to working with Agas and always leaves the kitchen clean and sparkling. As a much sought-after chef in Somerset, I regularly work for clients in rented properties. A popular option is a 3 pre-dinner canapés per person plus 3 course meal. I offer: - Quality Food - Great Mediterranean food cooked from scratch using seasonal, locally-sourced ingredients where possible plus some exotic specialities from Italy and Sicily. - Telephone consultation - Client services manager to guide you through booking and manage all logistics and communications regarding your event so you are informed and assured throughout the process. - Bespoke menu options for Super-Premium and Luxury Clients. - Uniformed chef arrives at venue to begin service at time of your choosing so allow time for him to prep food on-site. - Meal is served and afterwards, the chef and/or team will return kitchen to the state it was found in, clean up and wash floor leaving you and your guests to enjoy the rest of your event. - We can also supply waiting staff, plates and glassware, table decorations and a perfect customer service.
Bio, Italian, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Spanish, Vegetarian
Chef Umberto
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