Private Chef Le Frog Tiverton, ENGLAND, United Kingdom

For The best of British with a French Twist

Personal Chef # 21039

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Michael provide bespoke French dining direct to you, to enjoy the delights of French dining in your own home, at your corporate event or wedding. Based in Tiverton (near Exeter), his team and him supply a unique French catering Experience throughout the Southwest. We are passionate about food and will provide you with the very best catering service and serve up the most appetising French cuisine available.
Mikael has created an Exclusive selection of bespoke menus to suit the most discerning palates. Mikael born in Brittany from a traditional French family cooking background, inheriting his passion for food from his grand-mother a Head Chef for over 40 years & his grand-father the local baker. Mikael has over 25 years experience in the catering industry world-wide. Classically trained in Some of France best restaurants (Michelin start Le Goyen, Le Fouquet's Paris, Relais Bernard L'Oiseau) Mikael's Career span from Head Chef for Michelin star establishment to Director of Food and Beverage for some of Britain best Restaurants. Established in Devon since 2005 Mikael has a gained an uncompromising reputation for the finest French Cuisine in the South West. During his career he has cooked for celebrities including, Sir Roger Moore, Phil Colins, Luciano Pavarotti, Sophie Marceau, David Arnold, Stephen Hawking, as well as various Head of States, Margaret Thatcher, Bill Clinton, Jacques Chirac.
French, Fusion, Mediterranean, Molecular, Terroir, Vegetarian
Chef Le Frog
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