Private Chef Jarrod London, United Kingdom


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Cooking style
As I grew up in Hong Kong and Australia with British parents my style of cooking is very broad. I have been classically trained in French cookery however I love Pan-Asian fusion and enjoy trying new flavour and texture combinations. I believe my style of cooking is rather modern yet tastefully simplistic and modest, as to not draw away from the the beauty and flavour of the ingredients and the dish itself.
I have been working in professional kitchens for over six years now ranging from simple comfort food to high end five star standards and fine dining. I have extensive experience in dietary menus, banqueting, canape functions, buffet and BBQ, as well as international cuisines. As I am currently studying food science and culinary arts at university one day a wweek I am very passionate about food and the produce I use and very knowledgeable in cooking at all levels from classical techniques to modern molecular cookery.
Asian, BBQ, French, Fusion, Molecular, Vegetarian
Chef Jarrod
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