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Private Chef Celia Toronto, ON, Canada

Artisanal Mexican Food

Personal Chef # 34958

Cooking style
When I cook I look to bring a balance of priority between healthy, all natural nutrition and intense flavor.
Have you ever loved something so much that you had to share it with everybody? That's how I feel in the kitchen whenever I cook, crafting flavor with passion and natural, healthy ingredients. Growing up in Mexico, my father taught me to cook; instructing me in the traditions of family through food. He learned from his mother as she learned from my great-grandfather. My father was methodical, resourceful and detail oriented with a deeper love of flavor than anyone I have ever known. I still carry the passion he instilled in me into my kitchen every day; spending my free time learning new recipes and exploring the artistry of food & flavor. Along with my passion for food, I have a specific passion for hospitality. Whenever people sit around a table to enjoy a good meal, I see opportunity to nurture a part of the human experience that is often overlooked. To have a perfect stranger (me) express with a meal you are valued no matter who you are, and I care about you is nearly a lost art. For me, hospitality is a labor of restoration, and I take great delight in it! This is what I love and what I want to do with my life. I want to share this reality with others, the food, the personalized attention that reminds you that you are important. I love doing this so much that I would do this for free if the resources to support my family were guaranteed. I invite you to join me in this journey, and enjoy the flavors of family and history, the warmth of culture, personal value, and togetherness. I believe these things are what matter most in life.
Fusion, Greek, Health, Latin, Mediterranean, Mexican
Chef Celia
Mexican feast

Mexican feast

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What would you like?

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