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Private Chef Alexander Toronto, ON, Canada

Bridging the gap between the southern U.S. & Africa Though food

Personal Chef # 41512

Cooking style
Chef Cooking style is a modern take on African & Southern U.S. foodways, going back into black history and re living pivotal moments through food and beverage
Alexander Fields is a professional chef & entrepreneur based in Toronto, Canada. With a natural affinity for the culinary arts at a young age, he has prospered in the industry bringing out the best in every dish with passion and purpose. His experience in the culinary world has paved a clear road of excellence in restaurant management and menu development. He has worked at some of the top restaurants in the country - establishments such as Café Boulud (Four Seasons Toronto), Bluewater Café (Vancouver, B.C.), and The Algonquin Resort (St Andrews, N.B.) honing his skills over his 12-year career. In 2020, Alex ventured into his own business a concept that is rooted in the culture of African & Southern U.S. Foodways. This is shown through both pop-up dining and private event experiences as well as upcoming products including a new line of BBQ sauces. It is of importance that the catering company not only provides excellent quality foods of these cultures but also bridges the gap between the two by educating each and every customer. The dishes tell the stories of Black History paying homage to all the hero’s that paved the way for the present community to gain from their sacrifice. Alexander continues to improve his craft, being inspired by the mosaics of flavors, diverse cultures, and unique recipes around him. He is always on the lookout for new food trends and brings them to fruition making him a contemporary chef in the truest sense.
African, BBQ, Caribbean, French, Latin, Molecular
Chef Alexander
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