Private Chef Anthony Toronto, ON, Canada

My passion for cooking will transpire onto your plate inviting you to indulge a little more with every bite!

Personal Chef # 348

Cooking style
Weither I'm making you drool over my signature lobster Napoleon dish or a simple spinach dip, my style is based off of what your palette is craving! Complex or simple it will be something scrumptious that you will love! Therefore my style of cooking is having the passion to please your taste buds!
I've been cooking professionally for 11 years. Although my knowledge and techniques have advanced in the culinary world, my passion for food was something I had developed many years before. Passion, is something that cannot be taught. It is a gift that only a true chef has. Cooking for my family at a young age gave me the chance to experiment with different foods, spices and herbs in order to find my signature touches in the kitchen. Different experiences throughout my life have allowed me to be able to plate numerous dishes with all types of dietary restrictions, picky eaters or simply outstanding entrees that were down right delicious! Working in restaurants of different cultures; such as, Italian, French, Moroccan, Canadian Fusion, Kosher, Mexican, Southern BBQ and Portuguese has increased my knowledge and skills to a higher class of cooking. One of the perks of having worked in the Italian restaurant, for example, was the opportunity to travel to Italy and have hands on experiences with great Italian chefs as well as Nona's, which lets face it, are the true masters of the Italian cuisine.
Asian, BBQ, Europe, Health, Italian, Soul/Southern
Chef Anthony
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A Tasteful Experience

A Tasteful Experience

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What would you like?

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