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Cocktails After Happy Hour

Blast Of Sabor Infused Quick Bites.

Category: Cocktails - Cooking class - Lunch
Influence: Caribbean, Fusion, Latin
Dietary restriction: (Organic)
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Bolas Stuffed Mofongo
Bolas Stuffed Mofongo

Stuffed Plantain with Shrimp (Poultry or Cube Steak) Rubbed in Garlic Sauce and Double Fried. Then Shaped.

Fire Grilled Wings
Fire Grilled Wings

Special Aged Rubbed Wings. Fire Grilled To Seal The Flavor.

Sea A Ceviche
Sea A Ceviche

Finely chopped Veggies (chili peppers, onions, cukes, toms, japs) mixed in Lime, Mango and Orange juices with a variety of Shrimp, Scallops, Fish and Crab, Squid. Served with Tostones or Toston chips.

Tostones Locos
Tostones Locos

Fried disked plantains topped with garlic, cheeses and shredded chicken or bistec. Then baked to melt cheese fully.

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Creamy Coconut Custard.

$ 74.18 /guest       2 and more
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