Private Chef Gustavo Miami, FL, United States

Fresh, Tasty, Healthy Food Chef

Personal Chef # 25437

Cooking style
Fusion Flavors of all my life culinary experience: Spanish-Mediterranean-Latin & Caribbean Fusion
A Chef with more than thirty years of kitchen and banquet “hands-on” and management experience. Exemplified leadership qualities and professionalism, backed by a consistent, verifiable record of achievement. Clients will love the experience with my food and will enjoy how clean and happy I work.
Caribbean, French, Italian, Mediterranean, Mexican, Spanish
Chef Gustavo
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Sabores del Mar

Sabores del Mar

$ 48.30 /guest    10 and more
Spanish Cuisine Influence

Spanish Cuisine Influence

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What would you like?

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A five star culinary experience...just outstanding
Chef Gustavo is a seasoned profesional chef with a unique ability to combine influences from caribbean and international cooking creating high quality food with outstanding flavor. From an esquisite Spanish paella to a perfectly cooked Caribbean lobster; or a puertorrican mofongo with juicy rack of lamb “a la inglesa” over an esquisite mint sauce. Every dish is mouthwatering. Have had the pleasure of many meals at his restaurants and private catering activities. Chef Gustavo’s food is a knockout experience. But better yet is dealing with this “food master’s” personality and uncanny ability to create a friendly atmosphere wherever he sets foot. Highly recommended.
Chef comment: Wow !!!! Thanks. Me siento honrrado con esos comentarios.
Everything was SO GOOD!
Chef Gustavo combines both professionalism and delicious plates all into one amazing culinary experience. His European and Carribean fusion cooking will please all your guests and leave them happy and satisfied at any event. I would highly recommend Chef Gustavo for all of your culinary needs. Everything was absolutely delicious.
Chef comment: Thank you Carlos for this great review & recommendations.
Creative fusion of flavors
I have contracted Chef Gus for simple and complicated events and every time he has created very unique Menu, from a simple dish into a spectacular creation. I know I can count on him for every detail for any type of event. I’m a very finicky eater and Chef Gus catered to my likings without hesitation. Everything I requested was done better than I expected.
Chef comment: Thank You Mrs. Blanca. You will always be my Favorite Client
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