15 cool ideas for a kid's birthday party

15 cool ideas for a kid's birthday party

As a parent, there always comes that time of the year when you ask yourself the question: what do I do for my children's birthday? Some parents trust companies to do everything for them, but others prefer to organize everything on their own. If you are looking for incredible kid birthday party ideas, keep reading. In the next paragraphs, we share the best party ideas so that the next birthday you organize is memorable for everyone!


How do you make a fun birthday party for kids?

1. Musical Chairs

This is one of those games for kids that is always fun. It is ideal for children who are five years old and above. You must place the same number of chairs as participants, minus one, in a circle. When the music starts, the guests will have to walk around the chairs. The moment the music stops, participants must find and sit on a vacant chair or else be eliminated. This game should go on until there is only one chair remaining.

2. Stories Game

For this game, you have to write the first three words of a story on a piece of paper. For example, "John was talking". Then pass it to whoever is on your left. The party guest will be in charge of reading the first three words and will continue the story by writing three more words in turn. The game must continue in this way until several sentences have been written that will form a unique story.

More than one player can start a story at the same time and pass it on to whoever is next to them. In the end, it will be so much fun to read all the stories out loud. To make the game more competitive and entertaining, you can divide the guests into teams and give them the same story start. The team whose story is most appreciated by the parents will win.

3. Limbo

The only thing that is needed to carry out this fun game is lively music, a pole, and a soft carpet. Two adults should be in charge of holding the ends of a pole (or rope) placed at a certain height. The children, in turn, must dance in the limbo style, that is, bending backward to go under the bar trying not to touch it.

When all the participants have made it through, you can lower the bar a bit and continue the game. The one who cannot go under the bar or touches it is eliminated. The winner will be the child who manages to pass under the bar at the lowest height, eliminating all the others.

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4. The Mime

For this game to be a success kids will need a lot of imagination. You must divide the children into pairs so that each child faces the other. When you give the signal, one child has to start making movements and the child in front of him has to imitate them. The objective of the game is not to laugh. Therefore, you will have to make funny faces or whatever you can think of to make your opponent laugh.

5. Cops and Robbers

It doesn't take much to set up and play this game, just lots of birthday party guests! One-third of the children will be designated as cops and the other two-thirds will be robbers. When a thief is touched by a guard, he is taken to prison. The prisoners will have to save themselves and form a chain shaking hands. If another thief manages to touch a child on the chain, all thieves will be released.

6. Cooking Class

There is no better birthday present than teaching your child how to prepare their favorite dish. His friends will also be delighted to learn culinary skills. Best of all, they will be able to try their creations at the end of the class. MiumMium, the largest personal chef marketplace on the web, allows you to explore menus, research chefs, and book unparalleled at-home culinary experiences. The process is simple: pick a date, choose a menu and invite your friends. There is no shopping, no preparation, no clean-up, and no stress.

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7. The Brick Game

To play this game, you have to fill several bags of colored bricks before your kid’s birthday party. Each bag should ideally contain the same number of bricks, which should also have the same shapes. Then, you should think about what could be built with those bricks and write your ideas on pieces of paper that you will fold and keep until playing time.

On the day of the party, you must form teams of at least two players and give each one the bag of bricks. Then, take a piece of paper and read it out loud. For example, you could say "stadium". Then each team will have to try to build a stadium. When each team has finished, vote for the best.

8. Personal Chef

Whether you organize the party at home or in a rented space, a great idea for your child's next birthday is to hire a personal chef to prepare his favorite menu. This is a great idea if you don’t have much time on your hands as the chef takes care of everything: shopping, preparation, plating, and cleaning.

You can book a personal chef online, for all occasions and group sizes. On the MiumMium platform, you will be introduced to skilled chefs who will exceed your expectations without breaking the bank. You can choose a menu your kid loves or personalize one!

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9. Newspaper Race

The children must be divided into pairs, in which one child will be the jumper and the other the assistant. The helper will receive about 3 sheets of newspaper, which he must place on the ground so that the jumper can jump on them. If the jumper loses balance or lands with only one foot on a newspaper, the pair must return to the starting line. The first pair to cross the finish line wins.

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10. Teddy Bear Hunt

This game is ideal for children who are at least two years old. You must hide a teddy bear in the garden or the house and then help the children find it by saying "hot, hot or very hot" if they are near the hiding place or "cold, cold" if they are far away. Whoever finds the teddy bear will have to hide it for the next turn.

11. Traffic Lights

All children must run around the room pretending to be cars, bikes, or trucks. At the moment that you think is convenient, you must shout "Red traffic light!": Everyone will have to stop and remain motionless. Then when you say, "Green light!", everyone can start moving again. When you say "Yellow light!" all participants will have to slow down. 

In this game, there is no winner, but everyone will have an incredible time. To finish the game, you must have all the children "park" in a row. If the guests are very small, in addition to shouting the color of the traffic lights, you can also display a banner of the colors (green, red, or yellow).

12. Guess the Flavor

What you need for this game is food and a blindfold for each player. This game consists of tasting the food without seeing it and guessing what it is. The birthday host must prepare the food in advance before the birthday party starts. All players will be blindfolded.

The child's parent or host will ask each participant to open their mouths and taste the food, warning them from time to time whether the food is liquid or solid. Try to start with foods with milder flavors to get the children used to the game.

13. Three-Legged Race

To organize this game, you must arrange the guests in pairs and tie the left leg of one and the right leg of the other participant with a ribbon or rope. At the starting whistle, the participants will have to start running with three legs: the pair who reaches the finish line first wins.

14. Imitation Game

For this game you will need a host or referee who gives orders. For example, he can say something like: "Guitar!" and all the guests will have to imitate the gesture of playing the guitar. The referee will continue to give orders and whoever makes a wrong move will be eliminated. The more time passes, the stranger and more difficult the orders delivered should be. Younger children can be helped by their parents.

15. Tag

Classics should never be forgotten! As long as there is enough running space, the game of tag is a great activity for a kid’s birthday that will burn some of the children’s excess energy. A nice twist to this game is if the boundaries shrink over time, leaving kids with less space to run and flee.

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