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How to plan the perfect brunch party?

Halfway between breakfast and lunch, brunch originated in England during the 19th century, only to quickly conquer the hearts and tables of our world. Whether you’re hosting a brunch party or just interested in the topic, in this article you’ll learn how to organize a perfect brunch. 


How was brunch invented?

"Brunch" originated in England in the 19th century, when people organized large buffets in villas and mansions after hunting trips. The term was coined by a gentleman named Guy Beringer in 1895, who defined brunch as the ideal Sunday morning breakfast after a Saturday night event.

Beringer indirectly associated it with the hunter's food, describing it as a pleasant moment of joy and socialization with loved ones, in which the typical Sunday dinner was replaced by a lighter version that facilitated post-hunting tasks. The popularity of brunch peaked at the end of World War II when standards of living were further distributed across society.


What is the best time to serve brunch?

Traditionally, the best time to serve brunch is between 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. Initially, there was a difference between brunch (if the meal is before or after breakfast) and blunch (if it’s before or after lunch).


What do you serve for a brunch party? 

If you are hosting a brunch party, you should have these items in mind:

  1. Drinks
  2. Fruit
  3. Eggs
  4. Bread
  5. Dessert


1. Drinks

Brunch foods need to be washed down with brunch cocktails and juices! Coffee, tea, orange juice, smoothies and mimosa are brunch favorites that will light up your table. If you want to give your brunch a rustic look, you can serve the beverages of your guests in Mason jars.


2. Fruit

In a typical brunch, any type of fresh fruits are welcomed. They can be eaten whole, in jam, canned, chunks, fruit salad or skewers.


3. No eggs, no brunch

Eggs are a great source of energy and can be cooked in various ways. If you are hosting brunch on a budget, you can simply go with scrambled eggs. If you want to impress your guest list, then eggs Benedict should be on your brunch party menu. These are poached eggs, placed on a toasted English muffin, served with cooked ham or bacon and topped with hollandaise sauce.


4. Bread

It’s best to provide different types of bread to accompany your delicious brunch options: white bread, multigrain bread, rye, sourdough... You could even make homemade bread. Although bread is only complementary to the meal, its place on your brunch party menu should not be overlooked. While planning a brunch menu, find out if some of your guests are gluten free.


5. Dessert

Cookies, pancakes, waffles and brownies are some of the basic comfort foods that can improve anyone's life for a moment. Even if all your guests should be diagnosed with a severe case of food coma after the main course, a little something for the sweet-toothed is a nice attention.


What is a typical brunch menu? 

A typical brunch menu should consist of items that complement one another. Just as a restaurant menu, there should be some appetizers, a main course, and desserts

The appetizers can be sides such as hash browns, bacon, fruits or salad. These brunch foods have the purpose to equilibrate the main course. For example, if the main course is heavy with sausages, a lovely leafy or fruity salad can help digest all that meat. While sausages or ham are soft to bite into, a hash brown will be crispy. It is all about counterbalances.

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6 Tips for planning the perfect brunch

Don’t know much about planning a brunch menu? Here are 6 tips for planning the perfect brunch 


1. Prepare a few things a day in advance

The best thing to do is to prepare desserts the day before, as well as dishes that require baking. This way, you can use the oven to toast freshly sliced bread just before your guests arrive.

You can also prepare and refrigerate sauces, which should already be served in bowls and containers covered with cling film. It’s also advisable to keep the salad already washed in the refrigerator so that it stays fresh. Table arrangement should not be left to the last minute. Think of the logistics behind your brunch and see if there is enough space for all your plates.


2. Less is more! 

If you have to host lots of people, it is better to reduce the variety and concentrate on serving more food. It would be a shame to pass all your time cooking while all of your guests are waiting for you and their food.


3. How to set the table for brunch

How you set the table for brunch will depend on the number of guests. If there will be many people feasting, it might be worth it to set a table along a wall as a buffet area. However, if you are only receiving a couple of guests, table decoration can be a nice personal touch.

After selecting the appropriate tablecloth, the rest must be set. You should arrange cutlery, plates, napkins and glasses, while leaving space for side plates and drinks. Some people keep garba near the table so that people may clear their plate at ease. This can facilitate the clean-up process.


4. Finishing touches

Shortly before your guests arrive, you can cut all the dishes into portions and place them on trays so they can be easily served. Even the bowls, each with a different sauce or cream, should be arranged in an organized fashion, each with its own spoon or knife. The living room should be ready to welcome your guest to ensure a smooth transition between eating and talking.


5. Hire a personal chef

Don't want to go through the exhausting job of cooking a menu for all your guests? Hire a personal chef and he will take care of everything! Your personal chef will buy the best quality ingredients, adapt to your specific needs, and create the perfect brunch menu. Your personal chef will serve the meal, do the dishes and even clean up the kitchen before leaving!


6. Book a cooking class

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What are the best brunch themes? 

The best brunch themes are: 

  • Color theme
  • Pancake party
  • TV show inspired
  • Pick a country 


Color theme

How about an all-green brunch party menu? Or maybe all red? The concept revolves around the idea of picking a color and sticking with it. It would be a nice addition if your guests have to dress in the same designated color.


Pancake Party

Who doesn't like pancakes? They are very popular because they can be salty or sweet. You can prepare pancakes with bacon or chocolate chips in the batter. Just make sure to have toppings of all kinds so that your guests may choose their preferred one.


TV Show Inspired

Think of one of your favorite series and inspire your brunch foods from their universe. You can make a quick and easy brunch menu in relation to it. For a greater immersion, you can also buy decoration that is related to the tv show as well as some accessories for your guests to wear! If you tell your guest they won’t be surprised, but they may dress in consequence.


Pick a Country

How about an Italian, Japanese, Peruvian or English brunch? Not only will you discover a new culinary world, but your guests will be pleasantly surprised if you show them that you can master a cuisine that is not of your country of origin!

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