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How it works

Our Personal chefs buy the freshest ingredients around De Pere.

The Chef cooks in your kitchen and serves the meal to your guests.

The MiumMium Chef cleans up after and leaves discreetly.

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We can cater everything, from Private Cooking Class to Romantic Dinner.

Miummium is the largest online platform for private chefs with culinary experts located in over 20,000 cities, including De Pere. Whether you’re looking for a formal private dinner with professional table service, cooking lessons, event catering or a birthday party, be sure to let us be a part of your evening.

Anything from a bachelorette party, private cooking class, wedding catering  or romantic dinner, we can accomodate. 

Our seasonal and varied menus keep the dinner table interesting, healthy, and enjoyable. Keeping your needs in mind, our chefs can be hired to cook for one day, weekly, or as often as needed.

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Why hire a Personal Chef in De Pere?

  • To fully enjoy your evening, our chef takes care of everything
  • To discover new flavors (ask for the recipe)
  • To get better value $ than at the restaurant
  • To have that extra glass of wine🍷...
  • To learn new culinary techniques
  • To avoid any surprise as everything is included in the price
  • To drink better wine at a cheaper price
  • To avoid finding a babysitter!
  • No need to drive and find a parking.
  • And the best of all, no dishes to wash or clean up to do. Your Personal Chef De Pere takes care of it all!

What is included in the price of a personal Chef?

First things first, if you're not registered on the platform, you can register  here. This way you'll be able to contact the chefs of your choice directly and exchange about your menu and event. Once you've chosen your chef, you will simply have to complete the reservation, which represents less than 18% of the total of your booking. Once the reservation is confirmed, we take care of everything. 

Here are the services included in your Miummium experience in De Pere:

Grocery Shopping

Once you approve the chef's menu, your personal chef takes care of grocery shopping and buying local ingredients so that when they arrive at your home they can start preparing the food.


Our qualified private chefs will amaze you when it comes to cooking the most delicate cuisines from around the world. Avail our personal chef services and we will make you travel the world through each bite rich with flavors and authentic taste. If you want cooking classes, let us know and we will find the right chef for you.


Cooking is not the only art we know. Our Miummium Chefs from De Pere know how to serve you best. Enjoy the hospitality of our chefs.


We ensure that you have no kitchen responsibility on the day of your special event, which is why your personal chef will leave your kitchen clean and spotless. Enjoy and relax.

How much does it cost to hire a Personal Chef in De Pere?

No need to wonder how much personal chef costs, we have private chefs to accommodate every budget. Our prices are totally transparent, they include all applicable costs: transportation, food costs, chef's rate, cleaning, and taxes. Only tipping is discretionary.

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Enjoy a Special Culinary Experience in the Comfort of Your Home

De Pere is the land of food and what better way to surprise your family than by entertaining them with a beautiful meal prepared by some of the country's best chefs. We have an eclectic selection of chefs who can cook and bake anything from a simple, classic meal to a wedding feast. 

All our chefs have years of experience in the food industry and have worked in some incredible hotels and restaurants. For them, getting out of their formal routine and being able to use their creativity to prepare a meal for you in a private cooking setting is a way to share their passion in a more personal way. It's an enriching experience both for the client and for the chef.

We make it easy for anybody to hire one of our personal chefs for any occasion. We prepare delicious, custom-tailored dishes according to your tastes to enjoy in the comfort of your home. Imagine tasting gourmet cuisine from De Pere prepared by an expert local chef in your kitchen. Amazing, isn't it? Spend your time focusing on your guests and the fun stuff and leave the rest up to us.



  • How much does a Personal Chef Cost:
    The average sum paid over the last few years for our Personal Chef services was $50.65 + tip per person, the lowest priced meals were priced in the low thirties and the highest we’re priced at over $150 per guest. This price includes everything; grocery shopping, food, cooking, service, cleaning and taxes.
  • Where to find personal chef
    A few sites offer a marketplace where you can compare and communicate with thousands of chefs, is the perfect example.
  • How to hire personal chef
    Register for free on marketplace, research the city where your event will be taking place and communicate with as many chefs as you want to get the perfect menu.
  • What does a personal chef do
    A Personal Chef will do the grocery, cook the menu agreed with his clients, serve the guests and clean up the kitchen.

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