Private Chef Federica Rotterdam, ZH, Netherlands

My concept is, to give an experience into the traditional Italian cuisine.

Personal Chef # 29322

Cooking style
The research of good ingredients, I always use organic products. For example The oil is a production of my family.
I'm Federica and I'm from Italy, I was born in a family where the creation of dishes starts from the research of organic ingredients, which are the fundamental basis of good taste. Further, in my dishes you can find the real Italian way to cook and taste the real tradition of every Italian Region, especially mine which is Abruzzo. My approach to cooking started from when I was a child, In fact, my grandmother taught me a lot of strategy and rules behind the creation of something.
Foodie Federica
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Italian mountain dishes.

Italian mountain dishes.

€ 72.45 /guest    2 and more
The tradition of Italy.

The tradition of Italy.

€ 80.50 /guest    2 and more
What would you like?

What would you like?

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