Private Chef Nadia Anguillara Sabazia, LAZIO, Italy

Learn how to cook real Italian Food

Personal Chef # 25866

Cooking style
My cooking is simple and sincere, based on fresh ingredients according to the current season. Classical but new, tasty and delicate always full of fantasy!
I've loved cooking since I was a little girl. This passion belongs to my father, from him I have learned most of the things I know (both recipes and tricks…)
Bio, Europe, Health, Italian, Mediterranean, Vegetarian
Foodie Nadia
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A Trip to Rome!

A Trip to Rome!

€ 55.20 /guest    4 and more
Elegant taste from the sea

Elegant taste from the sea

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What would you like?

What would you like?

To discuss    4 and more
TOP !!! Chef Nadia !
we are very happy with our experience of a week with Nadia, everything was perfect, very good, and very friendly. we recommend Nadia. Alexander thank you for your collaboration! Alain
Chef comment: Thanks to you! It has been a pleasure to me! Grazie!
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