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How it works


Our Personal chefs buy the freshest ingredients.

They cook in your kitchen and serve the meal.

The Chef cleans up after and leave discreetly.

Friends Dinner Personal Chef

What is Miummium? 

Miummium connects clients with personal chefs in Paris and other exciting cities around the globe. in order to create memorable events and culinary experiences for you and your loved ones. Our private chefs personalize menus for you based on your preferences. Whether it be a relaxed dinner, a barbecue or a bachelorette party, let us share this moment with you and make it extra special.

We take chefs out of their corporate kitchens and right into your home so that they can showcase their passion and creativity while still earning a profit. Similarly, you get to enjoy a more personal culinary experience as you can directly interact with your chef and learn more about cooking.


How Does Miummium Work? 

The first thing you have to do is simply register as a client on our platform. This will allow you to talk to chefs and plan the details of your event (menu, budget, etc.). Once you’ve found a chef that's available and meets your needs, you will simply have to confirm your reservation, which represents 15% of the total of your booking.

Once your reservation is completed, our chefs take care of everything. Here's what's included in our services:

Grocery Shopping

Your personal chef will take care of going to their favourite market and buying fresh and quality ingredients for your event.


You will have a chef cooking for you right in your kitchen. Your private chef will make sure to cook delicious food for you and your guests. For the curious ones, you can spend some time with the Chef and chat to learn some culinary tricks and techniques. If you're eager to learn more about cooking, cooking classes are also available.

Table Service

Your Miummium Chef, sometimes accompanied by a helper, will serve every dish and explain each one of them just as if you were at the restaurant.

Cleaning Up Before Leaving 

Forget about cleaning or washing the dishes after your dinner parties, our chefs take care of leaving everything clean so that you can have a stress-free afternoon.

Duck Dish with Vegetables in Paris

How Much Does Hiring a Private Chef Cost? 

We have a chef for every budget, whether you’re looking for an easy-going breakfast with friends or a 5 service fine dining experience in Paris. Our Chefs quote their prices on a per person basis so to calculate the total you just have to multiply that price by the number of guests at your event.

The prices quoted by our professional Chefs are completely transparent - there are no hidden fees. Their prices include all applicable costs such as the food costs, the chef’s rate, transportation, cleaning, and taxes. Only tipping is discretionary and never requested. 


Enjoy a One Of a Kind Culinary Experience at Home

When was the last time that you did something for the very first time? Think no further, with Miummium enjoy a unique culinary experience right in the comfort of your home and turn your space into an intimate restaurant. 

Whether you’re craving French, Indian, Vegan, Italian, Fusion or Spanish cuisine, our private chefs have many years of experience and the expertise it takes to impress you and your guests.

Private Chef Cooking in Paris

Discover The Most Talented Chefs In Paris

The best way to discover a destination is through its food. If you’re at home and want to organize a special dinner but don't want to worry about all the planning, contact us and we'll take care of everything. Similarly, if you’re on vacation in Paris, have a local chef come cook for you and your guests and discover the many flavors and aromas of French cuisine.

It's very simple, all you have to do pick your favorite chef, create a menu together for your event and confirm your reservation online. Voilà, you're ready to enjoy your Private Chef Paris experience!

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