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Armed with a discriminating palate myself, I am committed to creating healthy and delicious food from the freshest and most natural sourced products. I am able to provide personal recommendations and support while following guidelines of a restricted diet or to help you begin integrating dietary changes that might be necessary for a lifestyle change. I am passionate about learning more and trying new things which I feel keeps my menus fresh, varied and never boring. ** I purchase meat and fish from the best boucheries et poissonneries in Paris. If my quote is too high, please know I can lower the quote by using less expensive products.
A self-proclaimed ‘foodie’, I have over 15 years experience working as a private chef in San Francisco, New York, Miami, New Orleans, Paris and the Cayman Islands for highly discriminating eaters! I have an insatiable interest and deep knowledge of food and wine, which is a huge benefit as it allows me to go above and beyond to meet your expectations. In Paris I scrutinize all the food blogs &restaurant reviews and constantly keep myself up to date on food trends, seasonal produce and new vendors of local and hard to find items. My experience working with a variety of personal chefs, catering and event companies has helped me to acquire the skills of menu and event planning, service standards and environmental design.
Asian, Europe, French, Mediterranean, Mexican, Vegan
Chef Laura
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What would you like?

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Laura has cooked many meals for myself and my family. Food is fantastic and beautifully presented. A total professional.
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