13 ideas for a bachelorette party

13 ideas for a bachelorette party

When planning a bachelorette party, it's tempting to let the entire affair revolve around drinking. After all, this is a party about the bride and her last big hoorah before she enters into matrimony. However, throwing a bridal party doesn't mean you have to put all your eggs in one basket. 

If you're still looking for some great ideas to throw a fabulous bachelorette bash, keep reading to find examples of fun things you can do that won't leave everyone hungover. You can customize these ideas depending on your host's personality and preferences. 


Who is supposed to plan a bachelorette party?

Traditionally, the maid of honor is in charge or organizing the bachelorette party and the bridal shower. The bride generally chooses her sister, her best friend or a female relative as the maid of honor.

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How many days should a bachelorette party last?

The perfect length for a bachelorette party is between 2 and 4 days depending on your budget and the activities planned for the event. There is no one size fits all when it comes to the duration of the bachelorette party, it really all comes down to personal preferences. 


How many people usually go to a bachelorette party?

Bachelor and bachelorette parties generally have an average of 10 guests as this makes planning and coordinating easier. However, there is really no limit to the number of attendees. You can always invite more people! 

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What is the etiquette for bachelorette parties?

Generally, the bachelorette party guests split the expenses and chip in so that the bride doesn’t have to spend any money. However, depending on the total cost of the bachelorette party, some brides pay for their share. For example, when the bachelorette party is a trip abroad. 


How do you make a bachelorette party special?

To organize a bachelorette party it’s important to put yourself in the bride’s shoes and think of what she likes. You want to personalize the event to make sure she will enjoy all the activities, bond with her friends and let loose before the big day. There are different ways to make a bachelorette party extra special from renting fancy transportation to hiring a personal chef


The ultimate list of bachelorette party ideas 

1. A night out dancing

A night out dancing is one of the best ways to get a group together and have fun. It's great for just about any age or stage of life and can be tailored to the bride's musical preferences. Whether you want to dance the night away or get silly on the dance floor with some funny costumes, there are plenty of options. You can also get the bachelorette a gift certificate for dancing classes so that she can keep up her skills after the party ends!

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2. Backyard camping party

Even if you're not the type who usually enjoys camping, there's no better time to break out of the tents than during a bachelorette party. There's something very liberating about sleeping under the stars with your best friends.

If you prefer home comforts, then change up your living room into an indoor campsite by covering the floor in sheets, setting up flashlights for lanterns, and stringing twinkle lights from the ceiling. If there are any boy scouts or girl scouts in your group, you can enjoy s'mores around a fire pit after dark.

3. Theme bachelorette party

Bachelorette party themes can make the event feel more planned. Choose something that fits the bride's personality or interests. You could have a Parisian night with close friends or go wild and do something over-the-top with a group of strangers. Either way, you'll need to find a location that fits your theme and decorations to match your vision.

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4. Beach day for a fun bachelorette party

A beach day is a great way to have fun with your friends. If you have a large group, it might be fun to rent out a house near the beach, or if you're on a budget, you could just rent a hotel room with an ocean view. Then you can all gather together for food and drinks, or maybe even go out on paddle boats or take a surfing lesson together.

5. Brunch party for the perfect bachelorette event

Brunch is always great, but especially for a bachelorette party! You can have some traditional breakfast foods like pancakes and French toast and then switch things up with more fun options like waffles with different toppings or crepes filled with your favorite fruits. If everyone feels adventurous, maybe even try making some savory dishes like omelettes or frittatas. If you’re not good in the kitchen or don’t want to spend time cooking, you can always hire a personal chef to surprise the bride. 

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6. DIY craft party 

For a DIY craft party, assign each guest a different project (using whatever supplies you have on hand) or organize a contest and have them present their creations to the group at the end of the night. For example, you can give everyone a plain white t-shirt with markers, fabric paint, or stickers, and see what they come up with! For bonus points, give each guest a random object (a piece of driftwood, uncooked pasta, etc.) and ask them to use that object in their creation.

7. Scavenger hunt party games

There are endless options for scavenger hunt party games. A scavenger hunt is a great way to get to know your friends better, and help the bride relax and have fun while the party is still low-key. 

Here are things to keep in mind to organize an adult scavenger hunt: 

  • Choose the location and time of the day. The scavenger hunt can be indoors or outdoors depending on the theme. 
  • Decide the type of scavenger hunt you want to do and write down the items that the participants will have to find. If you make it more challenging, you can also hide clues. 
  • Hide the objects and clues so that they’re not in plain sight. 
  • Separate the group in teams and give each team the list of objects and clues. 
  • If you want to make it more challenging, set an end time for when people need to be back and ensure there's an incentive for being on time.

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8. Spa and salon day

Spa days make for a fabulous bachelorette party idea. After all, a spa day is the perfect opportunity not only to treat the bride but also get some stress-relieving pampering before partying the night away. You can also organize for everyone to get their nails, hair and makeup done if the group is into that !

9. Wine tasting

A wine tasting party is a perfect way to get the bride-to-be in on the fun while still letting her be the show star. Ideally, you want to find a winery or tasting room with space where you can spread out and enjoy an intimate moment with friends. Bring along some of the bride's favorite foods and drinks so people can help themselves to whatever they like. The wine shop will have fancy glasses for you to use!

10. Organize a cooking class 

You can organize a bachelorette party cook off competition. It's an excellent idea for the bride and her friends to enjoy each other’s company, try out some new recipes, and get ready for the big day. You can plan this party at someone's home, in an Airbnb or in a public place like a park. The hostess should make sure there is enough space for everyone to move comfortably without bumping into each other and enough seating so that guests can relax. Music also helps create a fun atmosphere! 

With this fun bachelorette party idea, guests can enjoy a unique cooking class tailored to the bride’s taste and dietary restrictions. Miummium’s personal chefs customize the culinary experience so that you get the most out of your culinary class. Whether you want to learn the basics of Indian, French, Peruvian, or Thai cuisine, our international private chefs have what it takes to take your cooking skills to the next level. Apart from learning some useful cooking techniques, you also get to eat your delicious creations!

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11. Winery tour and lunch/dinner party

This is an excellent idea for a bachelorette party. A winery tour will allow everyone to learn more about the process of making wine and taste some of the best wines available. You can also do this with a group of women who are not planning to get married soon but want to have some fun and get to know each other better. You can follow the wine tour with a nice brunch or dinner to make this event one your taste buds will remember. 

12. Weekend in the woods

If you are looking for something different from just drinking or clubbing, then organizing outdoor activities is a great option. If the bride is an active person, you can plan a hiking trip, a fishing trip or even a canoe camping trip. This will give everyone plenty of time to relax and enjoy nature. It also allows you some quiet time away from the busy city streets!

13. Hire a personal chef

Hiring a Personal Chef will make the bachelorette party an amazing day! What could be better than spoiling the bride-to-be with her favorite food? MiumMium, the largest personal chef marketplace on the web, allows consumers to explore menus, research chefs and book unparalleled at-home culinary experiences. The process is simple: pick a date, choose a menu and invite your friends. There is no shopping, no preparation, no clean-up and no stress. The chef takes care of everything!

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What should you not do at a bachelorette party?

There are some things that you shouldn’t do at a bachelorette party. If you want to make sure that your bachelorette party is fun for everyone, follow these tips:

  • Don’t complain about money. You’re there to enjoy your time and make sure the bride remembers this event for the rest of her life. 
  • Don’t invite people that the bride wouldn’t like to see. 
  • Don’t get so drunk that the bride has to take care of you. It’s her moment to have fun. 
  • Don’t embarass the bride. You should make her feel comfortable at all times and make sure she enjoys all the activities planned. 
  • Don’t organize the bachelorette party a few days before the wedding day. Make sure to leave enough time between the events. 
  • Unless the bride requests one, don’t hire a stripper. 
  • Don’t get the bride in trouble. 
  • Don’t strart drama. 
  • Don’t let the bride call the groom.