How much does wedding catering cost?

How much does wedding catering cost?

Your special day is coming closer and you’ve probably had a hard time choosing the wedding venue, photographer, and wedding planner, but it’s not over. The catering service that will provide for your wedding is yet to be found. Truth is, the banquet is one of the most memorable moments for all attendees so the wedding food must be chosen with great attention to detail.

It’s important to look for the catering service in advance, since the total catering cost per person is often half of the wedding budget. Wedding planning can be stressful and time consuming. Thankfully, this article shares all the information you need regarding wedding catering. 


How much does wedding catering cost? 

To know how much wedding catering will cost you need to compile the number of diners, the type of food to be served, and the catering service that will be hired for the occasion. These factors will determine the catering cost per person.

Before making the decision to hire any catering service, you have to make your own budget and set limits for your wedding day. In other words, you have to define what will be the maximum catering cost per person that you are willing to spend. Your budget for your wedding day must be taken into consideration.

Here are some of the factors that influence catering prices:


Number of diners

Your wedding food expenses are directly related to the number of diners that will be celebrating with you. If an optimal number of people are chosen (usually about 30 people), the cost of preparation and service will be reduced, thus allowing more money for quality. If the number of guests is too large, it will have a considerable impact on the price. The more guests you have, the more employees will be required to provide a good service to all attendees.


Amount of Food and Drink

The variety of dishes and the time required for preparation will affect the catering cost per person. In a large banquet there are special dishes, a first course, a second course and sometimes even a third course and dessert. The price of a minimalist snack reception won’t be the same as the large banquet described.

Will your wedding have an open bar? The cost of this service can be fixed either by the venue or the catering service depending on the number of guests.


Quality of the Wedding Food

The cost of ingredients for your wedding food will affect the final catering cost per person. The quality of the ingredients is essential. One way to reduce the catering cost per person is to opt for dishes with local and seasonal products, which are generally much more affordable.


Service Staff

The number of waiters that will be required is proportional to the number of guests, and the amount of food that will be distributed. Most venues and catering services have their own staff.

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What is the average wedding catering cost per person? 

The average wedding catering cost per person depends on many factors, such as the number of staff, the number of diners, the amount of food, and the type of menu that will be served. Having said this, the average wedding catering cost per person in Canada is around $70.


What does wedding catering include? 

A standard wedding catering package includes the following:

  • Food
  • Drinks
  • Staff
  • Rentals



The wedding banquet food fee is the most important part of the wedding catering cost. You’ll pay for all the food your guests eat during cocktail hours and main meals. You can choose whether you want the guests to be served buffet-style or have their food served at the table. It is up to you and your caterer to decide which is the best option.



Celebration is synonymous with champagne. Most caterers offer a bar service that will keep your guests well hydrated. It’s up to you to discuss with the catering service the modalities of the bar (open bar, wine served at the table, cocktail and drinks menu...).



Your event budget will include chefs, waiters, bartenders, etc. It’s important to guarantee a smooth service on your wedding day. A good catering service will have experienced many weddings and will adjust the staff number for the type of reception you have in mind.



Your catering company may also offer rentals, which go from tables to chairs, from plates to glassware, utensils and more. Some catering service companies offer these rentals, but you may need to hire an independent rental company if it’s not the case.


Extra Fees 

Some catering companies may also charge additional fees and costs. Things like cutting the cake and corkage may be subject to an additional fee. We suggest you ask all these questions so that your wedding catering cost does not contain any surprises. 


Wedding Catering Cost Breakdown 
Did you know 40% of the total budget of a wedding goes to catering and the rental of the wedding venue? This is the breakdown of wedding catering costs: 

  • Menu choice 
  • Price/Guest 
  • Additional Charges/Guests 
  • Delivery Fee 
  • Clean-up Fee 
  • Tax 
  • Billed Gratuity 
  • Suggested Gratuity

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Different ways to serve wedding reception food

The different ways to serve wedding reception food are:

  • Plates
  • Buffet style
  • Family style
  • Cocktail style


H3: Plates

It’s the typical service where the guests sit and eat, while the waiters serve them the wedding food at the table. The guests are often given more than one option for each course. It’s the most traditional type of service in any wedding planning.


Buffet Style

Almost half of the couples who organize a wedding favor this option. It’s easy, informal and does not have many complications. The guests are free to serve themselves the food they want and the quantity they want.


Family Style

Maybe you are not so familiar with this option, since it’s a bit old-fashioned, but it surely has its charm. Here, waiters provide a large plate of food for the reception table and guests pass the tray to serve themselves.


Cocktail Style

This is a more modern and trendy style of service. It consists of the food being served in the form of appetizers organized in different food stations. This is a very dynamic and good way for everyone to socialize, since the guests will have to move and mix with each other, instead of remaining seated at their tables.


Different Wedding Bar Options 

Depending on your preferences and budget, there are different ways to serve drinks at the wedding. Here are the different wedding bar options:

  • Full open bar
  • Limited open bar
  • Cash bar


Full open bar

The typical full open bar that we all know. One that offers a variety of wines, beers, cocktails, spirits and non-alcoholic beverages. In this case, the host of the wedding is the one who has to pay for everything, the guests do not need to pay any fees.


Limited Open Bar

If your budget is tight or you don’t want to overspend, a limited bar may be worthwhile. In this type of bar, wine and beer are offered, and perhaps some spirits, as well as non-alcoholic beverages. The currency used to obtain drinks are often tickets handed out at the reception.


Cash Bar

With this type of bar, the guests are in charge of paying for their consumption. You can also choose how you want the guests to pay for your wedding bar, it can be per drink or you can set a fixed rate for each product.


How can you save money on wedding catering?

You can save money on wedding catering with the buffet mode, because the kitchen can buy the wedding food in bulk. It also gives the opportunity to offer a variety of options to the guests, and they can serve themselves the amount they want.

Hiring a personal chef can help you save costs and provide an unforgettable menu for all attendees. Our chefs are flexible and will attend to all your requests and preferences to offer a menu that satisfies you and your guests.

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Questions to ask your wedding caterer before hiring him/her 

These are the questions to ask your wedding caterer before hiring him to avoid any surprises:


  • Do you offer different styles of service?
  • Is it possible to have options for guests with allergies or dietary restrictions?
  • How much flexibility do we have in relation to the menu options that we select?
  • Do you have a license to sell liquor?
  • Do you offer rentals for the event such as chairs, tables or utensils?
  • Can you explain in detail how menu tastings work?


How to find an amazing wedding caterer

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