10 Reasons to reserve a Personal Chef this Weekend!

10 Reasons to reserve a Personal Chef instead of going to the Resto this weekend!

We asked our clients the reasons why they are in love with MiumMium's Personal Chef Services, what is it that entices them to reserve the services of a Personal Chef?   Here are the answers we received: 

Why hire a personal chef?

1) I can enjoy myself, no reason to worry about the meal.
2) It tastes better than at the restaurant because the Chef takes the time to create a custom menu according to my preferences and those of my guests.
3) A personal Chef provides more value $ than a restaurant! 
4) I can have that extra glass of wine 🍷 
5) I learn new culinary techniques and novelties from the chef.
6) There is no $ surprise as everything is included in the price. 
7) I can afford a much better bottle of wine! (which makes that extra glass much more special).
8) No need to find a babysitter! 
9) No need to drive and find a parking. 
10)The best of all, no dishes or clean up to do, the chef takes care of everything!

Top reasons to hire a personal chef

At the end of the day, hiring a Chef to come and cook for you is all about the experience. It gives you the opportunity to share a special moment with your guests without having to spend time cooking or cleaning. With a Personal Chef, you have nothing to worry about, the Chef takes care of everything.


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