40th birthday party ideas for husband


40th birthday party ideas for husband

40th Birthday Party candles

Make Him Fall in Love with You All Over Again

Four decades calls for celebration because it isn’t just a big deal – it’s a huge deal. Your husband has hit the naughty forties and there is no telling what you can expect (pun intended). A man turns 40 only once and it is an important landmark. They say life begins at 40!  40 is the magical number and maybe that’s why it’s harder than usual to think of a great idea for a 40th birthday party celebration.

40th birthday ideas for a husband should be as great as the landmark itself. Make this milestone your magical moment to astonish him on his big day. Choose a gift or plan the birthday that would make him want to spend another 40 years with you. Whatever you opt for; a super special 40th birthday gift for or a whole day filled with surprises, the idea must be creative, memorable, oozing out love and make him feel on top of the world.

feu de bingal

Sometimes it’s not the gifts that make someone happy or feel special, it’s the thought or gesture that counts. These gestures are sometimes worth more than a thousand gifts. From super-simple to simply sensational, these 40th birthday party ideas for husbands are sure to rise to the occasion and make your husband grin from ear to ear like a child.

Round anniversaries are tough especially when you are planning a surprise for your special one because it seems like all the great and wonderful ideas have already been used. But do not let the planning scare you off. Organizing a party is more fun than it seems especially if you are going to plan something as big as your hubby’s 40th birthday. Here we have curated a list of gifts and celebration ideas on how to make this day memorable one for your hubby.

40th birthday party themes for husband

1. Plan a fancy feast

Just the way he likes it! Treat him to an evening of fine wining and dining at the most ‘it’ and fancy restaurants in the city you can find. Make some extra efforts to find out the best restaurant in town. This is probably the best 40th birthday gift for your husband – an unforgettable experience. You can surprise him by arranging some special music while you two dine-in in a cosy place. There won’t be a doubt in his mind how sweet you are on him when you spoil his stomach silly.

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2. Cook his favorite meal

Be a little more thoughtful and do something with your hands for your husband. Cooking his favorite meal on his 40th birthday is an exceptional idea that he’d certainly love. Try baking a cake for him or preparing his favorite ribs or maybe mac and cheese. If barbecue is what he loves the most, heat your grill right away to make him feel super special. Your thoughtful effort will sweep him off his feet.

romantic dinner cooking

3. Dinner on a cruise

Take the 40th birthday celebration idea to H2O level. One can never go wrong with the food, fun, dancing, wine, and scenic beauty offered on outings like this. Book an entire cruise for the two of you. Have dinner at the deck and select the entire menu of his choice to start from scrumptious appetizers all the way to yummy desserts. If you think he’d enjoy more company, invite over your husband’s friends and family members because the more the merrier!

cruise dinner

4. Indoor picnic

Another amazing idea, also on a budget! Unplug entirely. No phones or TV, in fact opt for a soothing, mood-setting tunes in the background. This will set the tone of the evening. To make it more intimate and enjoyable; add a blanket, some strategically placed photos, candles, and love notes. Set out the table laden with fruits, snacks and wine. Spend quality time by talking to and making fun of each other followed by cuddles and warm hugs.

Picnic in your home

5. Romantic room dinner

Arranging a romantic dinner date with your significant half is always a wonderful experience. Decorate the entire room with tea lights to create that romantic ambience. Use them to spell out “40” or “happy birthday”. String some elegant gold, silver and black balloons around the room. Pop a bottle of wine, add some chocolates, ice cream and strawberries with sour cream to let the perfect romantic night begin! We bet he’ll be left feeling pretty good about himself and his relationship with you.

romantic dinner on the beach

6. Personalized bottle of wine

Since wine only gets better with age, this 40th birthday gift idea for husband is a true treasure. Many sites can help you with creating a personalized design or a personalized note for your husband. Rejoice his ‘bettering’ progress while you two sip the vintage wine. Go a step further and honor the presence of this exceptional soul in your life as he embarks on his newest year!

40th birthday wine bottle

7. 40th birthday theme party

It’s a classic move, but it is definitely worth making. Not only is it fun and delightfully cheesy but a meaningful way to celebrate his birthday. If your husband is into sports, make the theme sporty, what about Super Hero or video games?. Order the cake with his favorite star’s picture or the logo of his favorite team.

theme party diner t-shirt

8. Book a cooking class for hubby and yourself

This is a great gift for amateur husband cooks. By booking the cooking class, you will have an opportunity to learn how to prepare amazing dishes while having fun time with each other. Opt your husband’s favorite dish and give him a hand in preparing the meal. This is a great gift to learn to cook new dishes and prepare a great meal for your husband’s 40th birthday celebration. 

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9. Hire a private chef for dinner

This will blow your husband’s mind if he loves food. Hiring a private chef to cook for you is a great choice as you can choose your preferred menu, and customize the dishes according to your hubby’s taste. Relax and entertain your husband throughout the evening. This is a good choice for a romantic dinner together as well as for planning a dinner party on his special day. How much would it cost? Hire a Personal Chef

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10. Deliver cupcakes at his workplace

Even as grown adults, it’s quite impossible for people to refuse the enticing allure of sugar-infused, adorably decorated, baked treats. Set up a special delivery of yummy cupcakes for your husband and his colleagues and surprise them all! For a cheesy touch, have something lovely written on the small cakes and place them love on the top, giving him and his co-workers a good chuckle. A loving yet funny gesture he won’t forget.

bretzel cupcake

11. Throw a cocktail party

Give it a party feel! Arrange canapés and cocktail party at your house. Who doesn’t love that? This is more like an extended and better version of happy hour within your comfortable space. Secretly invite your husband’s friends to give you a helping hand in hiring a bartender to mix some amazing cocktails for you all. Take it up a notch and add some delicious snacks like an assortment of canapés, or a table full of sushi!

cocktail party

12. Whiskey tasting party

Make it a boy’s affair! Throw a whiskey party to say ciao to the 40th year of your husband and welcome new beginnings. Coconut water mixed with whiskey, colorful mint margaritas, cranberry and lime cosmos will charge up the fun side of everyone in the party. Be it on the shore or in your own private garden, your husband is sure to have a blast with his buddies. Or maybe a beer tasting?

Whiskey tasting glasses

You make it either an intimate affair with just the two of you celebrating or an include-all things with everyone a part of your celebration. More than anything, you need to remember that his 40th birthday is a huge milestone for all his achievements and all that he stands for.

A great way to make it more effortless and engaging for yourself is to find some help. It’s always better to have an extra pair of eyes to look over the plan and help out with bookings and calls.

An excellent way to go about a big party like the 40th birthday is to start planning early. The more time you have the better the party can be. Some of the ideas require bookings in advance such as hiring musicians and arranging for the best food on this special occasion. If you start early, the chances are you will be 100% prepared when the day comes and you will have the most amazing fiesta on your sleeve. 

Whatever you plan, be sure to make it grandiose and memorable in a way that your husband feels special and loved in every way.


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