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Private Chef Riccardo Sarasota, FL, United States

The Italian food experience in the 941

Personal Chef # 25329

Cooking style
My cooking is a story to share with friends over a glass of wine.
I am the healthy carrier of a family culinary tradition, born and raised in that enclave of fun named Romagna, where passion for art, music, motors, and food are part of the locals DNA, Thanks to my parents, the father an eclectic chef and jazz musician, and the mother HR manager and amateur opera singer, I further developed and strengthen this legacy. Taking advantage of the long Minnesota winters, I pursued a culinary diploma and later a first level sommelier just to add the trade to the passion. In 2008, I decided to transfer my business experience in project management to the family restaurant business starting Osteriaccia Beat and re-invented myself as a social cook dividing my time between Italy and United States. Grown with the maximum respect for food and for what it means, I am also a strong advocate of food waste reduction with his 0 waste: a leftover tale project, finalized to teach people how to get the maximum return from each ingredient.
Italian, Soul/Southern
Chef Riccardo
100% Duck!

100% Duck!

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What would you like?

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