Private Chef Gabriel San Francisco, CA, United States

Sous chef at boulevard restaurant with almost 10 years of experience.

Personal Chef # 14469

Cooking style
New american cuisine, influenced by Mexican, Italian and French cuisine.
Chef who graduated from the Instituto Culinario de Mexico in 2013 with a Master's degree in Mexican cuisine, specialized in moles & salsas. After college, I started my own research about mexican cuisine influence in America, I traveled around Mexico and the US to understand better the way we eat. During this journey, i've worked in many places from prep-cook, to line cook; from server to bartender; and from sous chef to executive chef. Some of the most important places i've ever been are cantina encanto as a sous chef, in tulum, Mexico; pujol as a line cook, in Mexico city; Rosso as a bartender, in puebla, Mexico; Piegari as a kitchen manager, in Mexico city; Mc Donald Ranch as a private chef, in Santa Rosa, CA; Terra as an Executive Chef, in Kansas City, MO; and finally in boulevard restaurant where I started as a line cook, passing trough all the stations until I became a sous chef.
American, Asian, French, Italian, Mexican, Vegan
Chef Gabriel
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New american menu

New american menu

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What would you like?

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