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Private Chef Kenzie Rochester, NY, United States

Food is much more than flavour - it's an art, an experience, and it makes a million memories!

Personal Chef # 27763

Cooking style
I love to make innovative, modern twists on comfort food classics! I love to elevate classic North American meals to take their flavour to the next level and make them visually stunning (all while focussing on maximizing the nutritional content of my food!). Through my personal travels, I specialize in European, African, Caribbean, South American, and Asian cuisines. I also specialize in fusion cuisine, creating unique dishes that seamlessly merge the flavours of two or more countries! All of my food is prepared according to dietary needs and nutritional requirements - I use fresh, local, nutrient-dense ingredients to make tasty and healthy recipes for my clients! I'm all about creating experiences and memories through my food - isn't that what a good meal is all about?
Fresh out of culinary school, with plenty of real-world experience, I am ready to bring you a new-world, modern, innovative, and nutrient-dense approach to classic fine dining recipes! I have catered for olympic athletes, developed recipes for health-based cookbooks, travelled around the world to learn from some of the best chefs in India, Thailand and Peru, and worked at a variety of restaurants including Bar Buca in Toronto ON. Now I'm here to share my passion and love for food with you to create individualized menus that are not only flavourful, but are also unique, exciting, innovative, healthy, and memorable!
American, Asian, Decadent, Europe, Fusion, Health
Chef Kenzie
Garden of Thailand

Garden of Thailand

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What would you like?

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