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Private Chef Noah Orem, UT, United States

Seasonal, Local, anf Fresh Dining

Personal Chef # 13890

Cooking style
I tend to lean towards a more complex, fine dining style of cooking. I am able to execute anything a guest may have in mind. I am well versed in most cuisines. I focus on comfortable eating that also uses fusion to explore new territories and tastes. I am classically French trained but love to fuse Japanese flavor profiles and lots of vegetable cookery as well.
I have been in culinary industry for just about 13 years. Over the course of my career about 6 years have been spent in upscale/fine dining. I have an AS in culinary arts and have worked under world class chefs such as Christain Ojeda, Grant Acathz, and Thomas Kellar. I am also constantly involving myself in continued education when it comes to the culinary field and food in general. I am chef owner of In Season Private Dining and Meal Prep. I focus solely on private culinary business at this point in my life.
American, Asian, BBQ, Caribbean, Chinese, Decadent
Chef Noah
5 Course Asian Fusion

5 Course Asian Fusion

$ 139.24 /guest    4 and more
Mediterranean Fun

Mediterranean Fun

$ 100.30 /guest    2 and more
What would you like?

What would you like?

$ To discuss    4 and more