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Private Chef Afia Los Angeles, CA, United States

Creative And I Cook Global international Cuisine

Personal Chef # 30798

Cooking style
In my cooking I stay with 3 concept with room to grow! The aroma draws you in, the food should look delicious, and it should taste better than it look. I also provide healthy dishes for any dietary requirements and restrictions you might have. In addition, I also cook Keto, Halal, Paleo, Vegan, Vegetarian, American, Pescatarian, Mexican, Middle Eastern, Asian, Italian, Spanish Etc Etc
I have been cooking since I was 7, and had been a chef for over 14 years. I have crafted and created new recipes, by using spices and herbs, putting a modern twist to the traditional cuisine by elevating our food to another level of deliciousness. I have cook and hosted unique memorable dinners that people travel from around the world to attend and enjoy. Whiles my cooking is global, I also specialized in African cuisine, cooking dishes throughout the continent of Africa. I have also been cooking as a Private Chef, Personal Chef, Catering for Weddings, Parties, Private Dinners and Events in America and Globally.
African, French, Fusion, Health, Mediterranean, Vegan
Chef Afia
Out Of Africa

Out Of Africa

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Vegan Electric

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What would you like?

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