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Cooking style
My cooking style is a diverse and creative mix that draws inspiration from many world cultures that creates a rich and memorable experience.
I am a 2016 Graduate from Le Cordon Bleu in Las Vegas who has specialized in Catering, Banquets and VIP events. In March of 2016, I was an opening team member of the T-Mobile Arena, where our team successfully executed private event catering for up to 25,000 guests, catered sports events, concerts, awards shows and high profile Boxing and MMA FIghts. Some events brought our organization upwards of $10M per event and included lounges where celebrity guests' every need were catered to. During my time at the Arena, I also specialized as a line cook, cooking for guests who had reserved our VIP Suites within the arena, preparing Chefs Table buffets, and sending out hot and cold ordered items to their suites. I have also worked at several restaurants in Las Vegas where I learned more about Kitchen Management, Pricing, Prep and overall food service operations. My experience also includes being a part of the team that did Catering and Banquets for The Crew and Team, and VIP Guests for the Inaugural Season of The Las Vegas Aces WNBA Team at Mandalay Bay.
American, Asian, BBQ, Fusion, Mediterranean, Mexican
Chef Vincent
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The Icon's Dinner

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What would you like?

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